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So, now that Sophia and I are both CoverGirls,
we thought we'd demonstrate a few CoverGirl products.
One product that we both love is "CoverGirl plus Olay's Tone Rehab two in one foundation."
It has CoverGirl Perfecting makeup, and Olay hydrating serum.
To show you how it all works,
here's what we're going to do
And because you know it's boring to just makeup on without doing something creative,
Sophia is in front of me because she is so so so so beautiful,
and I'm gonna be behind her because I am a little more beautiful.
And I don't wanna make her to feel bad.
So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be her arms,
and I'm gonna apply the makeup,
and the only thing is.....
Don't tickle me!
The only thing is.....
Oh, I'm not gonna tickle you.
The only thing is, unfortunately for her, I got.....
You can't have your head there.
Unfortunately for her, I got to write all the lines,
so she has to say everything that I wrote,
which she has not seen yet.
It's a trick.
Here we go.
First, I need to make sure my bodies ready.
Oh, no.
My face is sleeping.
Come on hands, wake up my face.
I am still not awake.
I had a long-lie last night,
I had a long-lie last night,
and I am the night.....
My hair is a circle
So I'm going to splash a little water on my face.
Now I need to apply "Tone Rehab Foundation" one pop covers discoloration lines and wrinkles,
and one bottle helps improve the skin tone over the time.
I still look beautiful.
But we don't have a lot of time, so I'll use an entire bottle right now.
I can't read.
I like bright, bright colors because it reminds me of the 70s when I was a rising star in the disco scene.
Let me show you some of my favorite dance moves.
You did that before, you see.
Now I'm going to put on a lot of eye shadow.
Sometimes, just for fun, I like to put it on my nose.
That's not eye shadow.
My cheeks look better with as much rouge as possible.
In the cheeks.
Rouge in the forehead, in the forehead.
And I put between my breasts a little bit for shine.
Now for the lipstick,
I like to apply a lot of it and all over.....
All over the mouth region.
But for some reason my hand can only move in a big circle.
That's not the mouth.
Now you can see everything with some powder.
Let me take a look in the mirror.
So I can see how this simply is beautiful.


Ellen and Sofia Vergara Are CoverGirls!

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Colin Lin 2014 年 8 月 14 日 に公開
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