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  • So, today I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "I can't stand it."

    今日は英語フレーズの勉強を手伝いたいと思います。"I can't stand it."

  • This is a phrase that we use when we don't like something.


  • Um, maybe you don't like cake.


  • Um, I'm sure there's some people in the world that don't like cake.


  • Uh, and if someone said to you, "Hey, would you like a piece of cake?" you could say, "No, ah, I don't like cake, I can't stand it."

    誰かが「ねえ、ケーキが欲しい?」と言ったら、「いや、ケーキが好きじゃない。 それが苦手です。」と言えます。

  • Um, so when you say "I can't stand it," it's kind of emphasizes the fact that you don't like cake.

    つまり「I can't stand it」と言うと、ケーキが苦手ということを強調しているような感じです。

  • Um, you could also use this for people.


  • Um, if someone said, "Oh, Joe is coming over," uh, you could say, "Aw, really? I can't stand him."

    誰かが「ああ、ジョーがやってくる」と言ったら「まじか? 彼のこと気に入らないな。」と言えます。

  • Um, it's not a nice thing to say, but if that's how you feel about Joe, that's one way that you could express that you dislike him.


  • You could say, "Aw, I can't stand him."


  • "He's so annoying when he talks."


  • Um, so, if you want to say you don't like something, you can say, "I can't stand it."

    だから何かを嫌うと言いたいのなら、"I can't stand it"で表現できます。

  • If you want to say that you don't like someone, you could say that you don't, that you "can't stand them."


  • I'm having trouble talking today.


  • Uh, and that would be saying that you dislike them or it.


  • Um, I also wanted to talk today about another phrase with the word stand in it, and that's the phrase "stand a chance."

    また、今日はスタンドという単語が含まれている別のフレーズについて話したいと思いました。“stand a chance”です。

  • When we use this phrase, we are asking, usually asking someone if they think that something might happen.


  • So, let's say there's someone you really like, and you want to ask them out on a date.


  • Uh, you could say to a friend, "I want to ask to this guy or this girl. Do you think I stand a chance?"


  • And what you're asking there is, "Do you think they will say yes if I ask them out?"


  • Um, you could say, "Oh, I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket."


  • "Do you think I stand a chance of winning?"


  • Uh, and so basically what you're asking is, "Do you think, if I bought a lottery ticket, that I might win the lottery?"


  • So, again, if you say, "I can't stand it," it means you don't like something,

    ではもう一回、 "I can't stand it,"とは何かを嫌いますということです。

  • And if you ask someone if they think you "stand a chance," you're asking if they think something might happen.

    そして、誰かに"stand a chance"と尋ねると、何かが起こるチャンスがあるかどうかについてどう思うと尋ねるということです。

  • Anyways, Bob the Canadian here.

    Bob the Canadianです。

  • Hope you're having a good day.


  • It's a beautiful day here in Canada.


  • I hope it is where you are, too.


  • Bye.


So, today I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "I can't stand it."

今日は英語フレーズの勉強を手伝いたいと思います。"I can't stand it."

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