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  • So, earlier, I was outside with Jen, and I said, "It's really hot out here."


  • And she said, "You can say that again."

    "You can say that again."と彼女は言いました。

  • It didn't mean that she wanted me to actually say that again.


  • It's just a phrase we use in English when we agree with someone.


  • It's about 31 degrees here, which is quite a bit different than a few weeks ago when it was snowing.


  • Uh, and it's a little hot.


  • Um, it's not overly hot, but it's not what we expect at this time of year.


  • So you would often, uh, when we have a bit of heat at this time of year, people say, "Wow, it's really hot out here."


  • Uh, and then people might reply and say, "You can say that again."


  • Um, this isn't limited to the weather, though.


  • If you ever agree with someone, uh, and they say something that you agree with, you can say, "You can say that again."


  • And again, it doesn't mean that you want them to say it again.


  • It doesn't mean that you want them to say it twice.


  • Sometimes people do just for fun, or to be funny.


  • Uh, but when you say, "You can say that again," it simply means, I agree with you.

    ただ、"You can say that again."と言うとき、それは単に、賛成するという意味です。

  • Um, and then there's this other weird English phrase, "I couldn't agree more," which, looks like it's in the negative, but it's not in the negative.

    また、この他にも奇妙な英語フレーズがあります。"I couldn't agree more."です。ネガティブな表現のように見えますが、 そうではないです。

  • It actually means that you agree with someone.


  • So again, if I said to Jen, "Wow it's really hot out here," she could say, "I couldn't agree more," which means she actually agrees with me 100 percent.

    もし「ここは本当に暑いね」とジェンに言ったら、"I couldn't agree more."と彼女はこう言えます。 彼女は実際に100%同意するというのを意味します。

  • So again, if you say to someone, "You can say that again," It means that you agree with them.

    繰り返しになりますが、もし"You can say that again."と誰かに言ったら、それはあなたが同意することを意味します。

  • And if you say to someone, "I couldn't agree more," it means that you agree with them as well.

    そして、もし"I couldn't agree more."と誰かに言ったら、それはあなたも彼らに同意することを意味します。

  • Anyways, Bob the Canadian here on a hot sunny day here in Ontario, Canada.

    Bob the Canadian です。今日のカナダ・オンタリオ州は暑い晴れた日ですね。

  • Um, we're not quite used to it, but we will get used to this weather eventually.


  • I know for some of you, it's way hotter.


  • Um, so I don't want to complain too much about the heat.


  • Anyways, hope you're having a good day.


  • Uh, and I hope you enjoyed this little English lesson.


So, earlier, I was outside with Jen, and I said, "It's really hot out here."


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