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  • What Happened to the only Japanese passenger on the Titanic?


  • Masabumi Hosono, was the only Japanese passenger on the RMS Titanic.

    RMS タイタニックに乗っていた唯一の日本人乗客、細野正文さんです。

  • As a civil servant working for the Japanese Ministry of Transport, he researched Imperial Russia's railway system in 1910.


  • His journey back to Japan then took him to Britain.


  • After staying in London for a time, he went to South Hampton, where he boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912 in second class.

    ロンドンにしばらく滞在した後、サウスハンプトンに行き、1912年4月10日に RMS タイタニック号にセカンドクラスで乗船しました。

  • During the disaster, as the ship was sinking, after hitting an iceberg, passengers began boarding the few lifeboats to evacuate.


  • Hosono was asleep when the crash happened, but awoke when a Stewardess knocked on his cabin and told him to put on a life jacket.


  • When he tried to go to the top deck where the lifeboats were, he was blocked by a crewman who assumed he was a third-class passenger.


  • But eventually, he slipped passed and reached the top deck.


  • "All the while flares signaling emergency were being shot into the air ceaselessly, and hideous blue flashes and noises were simply terrifying."


  • "Somehow, I could in no way dispel the feeling of utter dread and desolation," Hosono wrote.


  • He found a lifeboat when an officer shouted, "Room for two more!" and survived the Titanic disaster.


  • When he returned to Japan, Hosono instead of being cheered, was disgraced by US and Japanese press because he did not adhere to the Women and children first rule.


  • He was fired from his job and portrayed to the media as a dishonorable coward who pushed other passengers out of the way to reach the lifeboat seats.


  • Some newspapers even wrote stories about Hosono disguising himself as a woman to get on a lifeboat and said that he should commit suicide.


  • He would be ostracized for the rest of his life in Japan in what is known as 'Mura Hachibu', something which is still found today, or a co-worker who has made a grievous error, or shown a lack of loyalty is avoided by his or her peers.


  • Hosono died of natural causes on March 14, 1939, at 68 years old.


  • After his death, his granddaughter found his diary and published it.


  • In it, he said how he did not want to do anything disgraceful as a Japanese, which is seen as his redemption bringing Honor back to the Hosono family.


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What Happened to the only Japanese passenger on the Titanic?



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