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  • Hallelujah! The sun is out, the barbecue is on  it's that time of year. Come on let's cook some  

  • beautiful food. So we're gonna do surf and turf- meat and fish. We're gonna do the perfect steak.  

  • A big chunk of steak, sirloin there. We're gonna  do butterfly prawns. We're gonna marinate them  

  • make them delicious. I've lit the barbecue about  an hour ago let it calm down. I want to help you  

  • to take the fear out of barbecuing. Really hold  your hand to cook the most amazing prawns. Fresh  

  • or frozen is cool, just let them defrost if they're  frozen. First of all I like to keep the head and  

  • the tail on. With a head there's loads of juices  and flavour in there. This middle part you can see  

  • I'm just simply removing that inner part of the  shell and then the tail I like to leave on as well  

  • because you can kind of use it to hand hold and  put it in your mouth and then in the middle part  

  • here that's the beautiful prawn. I'm going to take  my knife and carefully run the blade down the back  

  • of the prawn and once you've done that you can see  it kind of opens up this little cavity and then  

  • the tip of the knife, you can just pull out that  little vein and we can get rid of that. So let's  

  • do the rest of these. Caring, you know preparing  something that's going to surprise your guests  

  • that's what it's all about. So last one and then  we'll start the marinade. I want to kind of give  

  • you a little bit of a curveball because I am very  proud of a product that I've been working on. If  

  • you go to Tesco you'll see that I've done my own  curry paste, right. There's a lovely little range  

  • there. So let me wash my hands and on this  particular prawn dish I'm going to use the  

  • Keralan paste. About two teaspoons of that paste  you can put in here. A little bit of olive oil.  

  • I'm gonna put some lime in there cut it in half  and squeeze this on top. This paste there's just  

  • a whole bunch of stuff in there turmeric, gingerchilli, curry leaves, fenugreek coconut. It's really  

  • light and layered. So that is the marinade ready  and raring to go. Get the prawns in there and toss  

  • it all up, look at that. You know that that is gonna  taste really, really good. So let that marinade for  

  • like half an hour, an hour. But that is a beautiful  job done. Let's talk about the steak. Okay, instead  

  • of buying single steaks that are thin and  piddly and you're probably gonna overcook, right?  

  • Go for a much bigger double or quadruple steakLook for marbling the little white flecks in the  

  • eye meat here. Look for you know maybe dry ageingYou can talk to them about that sort of 28 to 36  

  • days is really really good. We want a nice bit of  fat here. So let me show you a little preparation

  • First with this fat what I want to do is just  get my knife and lightly score through the fat  

  • So this is going to help it render and you're  going to get better crispy bits. Once you've done  

  • that we can kiss it with a little olive oil, plenty  of black pepper and then a nice seasoning of salt  

  • and you want to season it at the last  minute when you're going to cook it  

  • I'm going to put this now onto the barbecue  because this is going to take longer to cook  

  • then this. I've got a hot side and a cooler sideSo I'm going to start it off on the cooler side  

  • with the fat facing down just to start rendering  that fat. The coals have cooked down nicely, you've  

  • got a hot side, a cool side. So you've got a little  bit of control while you get on with other things.

  • Let's have a little look at the beef. So it's  just nicely cooking right. Can you see it's  

  • rendering really nicely. If i move this more over  here then the fat will go on to the actual coals  

  • and so look I'm just upping the temperature now  on this hotter side. So I'm just going to turn  

  • that steak now let's have a little look look at  that and I'll cook it for about a minute and a  

  • half on each side turning evenly so it's nice  and evenly cooked. About three minutes on each  

  • side I think will give me about medium rareWhat I want to do now is take it off the grill.

  • Look at that! So look the steak is resting rightso now is the time to put the prawns on. They only  

  • take about four minutes right depending on their  size. So here we go I'm gonna put the prawns at the  

  • slightly less hot end and the heads at the hotter  end. They're gonna open out and butterfly. The smell  

  • is absolutely phenomenal. Look this is at about  two minutes let's get in there, can you see  

  • how the prawns have opened up? Look at that, come  on! Okay so let's get ourself a nice little board  

  • here. Just simply slice this at an angle like thatLook at that, beautiful steak and these prawns can  

  • literally come off the grill onto here. You can  hear the sizzle. That's a pretty awesome sight.  

  • You know what? I just love a couple of nice  little flatbreads, naans, whatever you fancy  

  • right. Heat those up, they'll take  no time at all, but what a joy.  

  • So let's have a little try, let's go forprawn. Look how succulent that is, come on.

  • Oh that is absolutely delicious. So there you go  guys, that's my surf and turf made by me with a  

  • little bit of help from some beautiful Jamie  Oliver spice pastes. Next time you go to Tesco  

  • have a little look get yourself a jar and no  matter what you're doing whether it's a curry,  

  • a roast chicken roasting, a piece of fish, doing  some amazing vegetable dishes these are amazing  

  • give them a try I'm so proud of them. Guys take  care, happy summer, happy barbecuing and good luck!

Hallelujah! The sun is out, the barbecue is on  it's that time of year. Come on let's cook some  


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BBQ Surf & Turf | Jamie Oliver

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