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  • 'NITOURYU' means two-sword style  or being a master of two swords


  • It is also used in Japanese to refer  to someone that has multiple skills.


  • The original 'NITOURYU' was Miyamoto Musashi,  a Japanese samurai from the Edo period, about 400 years ago.


  • He was an expert swordsman, he was also  an expert at using two swords at the same time.  


  • He won over 60 duels and  wrote The Book of Five Rings


  • The legendary baseball player Babe Ruth can  also be considered 'NITOURYU' as he started  his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.


  • But since his batting was so good he was moved  to the starting lineup as a regular player so  that he could be in the batting order every day.  


  • He was traded to the New York Yankees and became  the legendary player that we all know today.


  • And this takes us to the Japanese baseball  phenomenon Shohei Ohtani who almost  100 years after Babe Ruth is playing as bothstarting pitcher and batter for the Angels


  • Not only is he 'NITOURYUbut he is excelling at it  being the first player voted to the  All-Star game as both a batter and a pitcher.


  • He has surpassed Hideki Matsui as the Japanese  player to hit the most home runs in a season.  


  • And he's only at the halfway mark so far


  • He is one of the few American League  players to be leading in home runs and  stolen bases before the All-Star break  


  • and it looks like he'll be in the home run derby  at the All-Star game.


  • So it's just an incredible  achievement and a phenomenon like we haven't  seen since Babe Ruth and maybe Miyamoto Musashi.  


  • Japanese media is always referring to Shohei Ohtani  as 'NITOURYU' and in doing so they're showing that he's a skillful player in baseball,


  • more than just  a pitcher or a batter, he's also stealing bases.


  • But in doing so they're also invoking the spirit  of the Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi and in  that sense they're equating him to a legend


  • So he's very popular in Japan and very popular  amongst baseball fans and sporting fans   in the world. It is a very exciting time for sports.


'NITOURYU' means two-sword style  or being a master of two swords


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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