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As you're watching this video, chances are, you're sitting
And while sitting is relaxing and seems comfortable, it can still be deadly, especially if you overdo it like the most of us
We sit while we eat, work, and even while we play. But why is sitting bad for you?
Let's assume that you're a relatively healthy person
You don’t drink excessively, smoke and you’re not overweight
As soon as you sit down, the rate of calories you burn drops to around 1 calorie per minute
Which is a third of what you burn doing usual activities
Electrical activity in your leg muscles shuts off and enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90%
2 hours of sitting and the level of good cholesterol in your body drops by 20%
After 24 hours of sitting your risk of getting diabetes increases by up to 25%
And that's not all
Studies have shown that sitting increases the risk of certain types of cancer
Heart disease, obesity, and premature death
Lack of movement triggers unhealthy metabolic changes
And while doing 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise is certainly important to maintain heart health
It's still important to decrease the overall amount of time we spend sitting
One study suggests that you can alleviate the bad effects of sitting on your body
by taking short breaks every hour, as well as getting 30 minutes of exercise a day
You can head over to my channel BrainCraft to watch more videos
Like my latest on how color affects your behavior
Thanks for watching!



なぜ座ることは体に悪いのか?- 座ることの悪い影響

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