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  • this is a private saltwater pool on the terrace of a thirteen million dollar

  • apartment in Soho my name is Erik Conover and I'm going to take you on a

  • tour of this one-of-a-kind luxury apartment in New York City this video

  • has been sponsored by audible welcome to 565 Broome Street in Soho

  • this apartment has three bedrooms three bathrooms it's three thousand three

  • hundred and ninety seven square feet with a private saltwater pool listed

  • exclusively at Douglas Elliman asking just under thirteen million dollars now

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  • tour the most incredible luxury apartments in New York City and we have

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  • 565 Broome Street gives you that intimacy of a boutique Soho building but

  • with the views and the amenities of a full-service modern condo so the

  • apartment is accessed through a key two elevator in the tower of the building

  • which leads to a private elevator landing opening directly into the formal

  • apartment entrance so your elevator enters right into your apartment first

  • reactions of this place walking in and I'm blown away the fact that this is an

  • apartment in Soho Soho is known for the old cast-iron buildings lots of history

  • and this is hands-down a modern luxury apartment that just happens to be in the

  • historic neighborhood of Soho I've never seen anything like this

  • besides the one right behind me there are no walls in this apartment the first

  • thing that you notice is the floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors

  • that surround this space it's New York in your face the high-rises I mean I'll

  • gets all the views later but for now let's start here in the sitting area now

  • I think this room is ideal for both entertaining and daily living the way

  • that this place is staged it definitely seems like a bachelor pad or

  • bachelorette pad have you ever seen one of these swiveling lights this is

  • definitely a statement in this room I mean even look behind me there's a

  • Roman Statute right here in this sitting area you had the l-shaped couch with the

  • coffee table which has books all over it and if you notice behind me there's no

  • television in this sitting room and it's not really a place to sit watch TV but

  • more so to have conversations to sit and to entertain guests case in point check

  • out this bookshelf disc this is a very very unique piece that's adding to tell

  • the story of this space from the sitting area we move over to the dining room

  • table seating for eight but the main thing that you first notice when you

  • walk in here is not the dining room table it is the wraparound Terrace with

  • the swimming pool

  • all these floor-to-ceiling glass doors open up transforming this into an

  • indoor/outdoor living space this apartment feels more like it should be

  • in Los Angeles than New York City this is the wow factor of this apartment you

  • have 2,200 square feet of wrap-around Terrace most people's apartments aren't

  • even 2,200 square feet you can come out here any time of year you have a table

  • just as large as the one in the dining room outside this outdoor terrace even

  • has an outdoor kitchen with a whoa look at that grill imagine in the summer time

  • August you have all of your friends over you can cook up a huge meal out here

  • have it on your Terrace views of the city looking down to the south you can

  • see the iconic one a world at trade center you have all downtown looking

  • over to the west you see the Hudson River with boats passing it you get

  • amazing sunsets and then behind me looking north you see the brand-new

  • Hudson Yards you can even see it a bit of the Chrysler Building looking up to

  • the Northeast and that's not even the best part yet this apartment comes with

  • a pool not just any pool this is a saltwater

  • pool I want to jump in right now then right by the pool again you have another

  • sitting area with a nice low coffee table come out here in the morning have

  • your breakfast honestly what more could you ask for you really have the best of

  • both worlds with this place when you head back inside and we shut these doors

  • and listen one of the first things I noticed when I walked in here was how

  • quiet it really is when you're out on the balcony you know you get the full

  • ambiance of the city but then you can come back inside to your apartment and

  • totally relax no noise heading back inside that now we

  • are in the indoor kitchen right off of the great room you have custom-designed

  • at glass cabinetry along all the walls breaking up the center of the kitchen is

  • this expansive breakfast bar with these marble countertops the kitchen comes

  • with the full suite of moulay appliances oven cappuccino maker microwave oven

  • then even a wine whoa well I didn't expect that to be so heavy and sturdy

  • look at this wine cooler

  • see you

this is a private saltwater pool on the terrace of a thirteen million dollar


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INSIDE a $13 Million NYC Apartment with Private Rooftop Pool

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