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  • I just want to preface this video by saying that I don't really know what kind of rand this is going to turn into.


  • So if it gets too weird, please let me know in the comments.


  • No.


  • Mhm Yeah.

    Mhm Yeah.

  • Having an account on every mainstream social media and spending your time there versus quitting social media completely and not using it at all.


  • I was trying to find a balance between these two things for a very long time.


  • I started changing things about six months ago when I uninstalled my twitter and I deleted all of my tweets.


  • So I wasn't bound to it by anything.


  • I did that because I felt like I was carrying way too much about followers and likes there, which I acknowledged that it wasn't the healthiest behavior.


  • So then I deleted other apps like Tik Tok Reddit facebook, which I used to use quite a lot with my friends.

    そこで、友達とよく使っていたTik Tok Reddit facebookなどの他のアプリを削除しました。

  • I wasn't able to delete every single social media because that's kind of my job and it wasn't my plan or my intention to do that from the beginning because I don't think that social media is harmful on its own if you know how to approach it and how to use it properly.


  • So the one social media that I kept outside of twitch and Youtube, which is my source of income was instagram where I literally just went when I wanted to post my own stories and I didn't even check other people's stories.


  • Most of the time, I didn't even like scroll the feet or anything.


  • I just posted my story and got out of the app.


  • My mindset has definitely changed over the past half year.


  • I definitely stumped caring about numbers overall whether that be, you know, likes or even views on my own Youtube videos.


  • I kind of don't let numbers to be a source of motivation for me anymore, which then results in not being even a d motivation.


  • I stopped comparing myself to other people.


  • Like I consciously notice the change where I'm currently at the point that I couldn't care less of what other people think about me, whether that be on social media or in real life as a stupid example.


  • I love these headphones, you know, it's, it's like a big gaming headset, it's very comfy for your ears.


  • But every time I went outside I switched to these which are not that comfy, but they are, you know, more discreet, more of a normal colour.


  • I always thought that if I, you know, if I, if people see me walking down the street with these huge headphones that they're gonna think like, oh, that person is weird, bro, I don't care anymore.


  • I wear whatever I want, I express myself verbally and aesthetically however I want.


  • and I feel like my partial absence on social media has definitely increased my self confidence.


  • My personal freedom of expression is also the reason why I get demonetized on Youtube, like almost all the time.


  • But yeah, I'm also definitely a lot more mindful that I was a year ago or even six months ago when something makes me angry or upset, I can let go of it pretty quickly because it's that point of realization when you realize that when you're alone in your room angry at something or someone, you're not making anybody else's day worse, but yours, you're just ruining your own mood, wasting your time by being angry.


  • Yeah, yeah, I've also discovered reading, I, I actually think books are pretty dope, you know, which I know is a cliche because I'm gen Z and gen z people don't read books.


  • Right?


  • Well this one just started, okay, this one just fucking started bro, some of the books I really liked, where the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or veronica decided to die also by him, The Woman in the Dunes, The Diary of a Mad old man, metamorphosis by Kafka or metamorphosis by shindo.


  • L.


  • Reading some of these books was a very insightful experience as in some of them, like really inspired me, like artistically or even some of them changed my perception of life, which is such a powerful thing that I didn't even know a book was able to do.


  • It's like a great feeling to like finish a book and then still be thinking about it like weeks or months later, it's like such a different medium from like watching stuff or listening to stuff, I know that I'm describing something super basic, everybody knows what books are, but I feel like not many people know or a lot a lot of people in my age don't know what it really means to like get immersed into a book.


  • I think the biggest difference between using social media actively every day and using it passively, like I've been doing it and as I intend to keep doing it is that when you distance yourself from all of these apps from all of these feeds and posts, you kind of get like space, like as a mental space to actually think to yourself about yourself and about your life.


  • Well this is you know, we're getting into some philosophical territory here because I reckon a lot of people are like so caught up with social media and their minds are so busy and they constantly get distracted.


  • That years passed by and they've been just living on autopilot without even like thinking about how they want to live their life and how they want to be spending their time.


  • I, for example, found out what I want to do with my channel Moving Forward, which is also something that I have been heavily struggling for a long time.

    例えば、私のチャンネル「Moving Forward」で何をしたいのかがわかりましたが、これもずっと悩んでいたことです。

  • I've been struggling with this channel even is is this a channel just for belongs or you know, should I post other content here too?


  • Well, this channel for me is like a time capsule, right?


  • It serves me the purpose of capturing memories when I post my vlogs here or like a compilation of funny stream moments.


  • I want those videos to be here.


  • So then when I look at them like three years later, I'm going to be able to see what kind of person I was and how much I've changed.


  • I think it's like one of the coolest things ever, because you know it's like time traveling, right?


  • You look at your past self from almost a third person's perspective because in 35 years you're a completely different person.


  • It was quite a journey finding the balance when it comes to social media because on one hand you want to have it, you want to use it because all of your friends are there and you don't want to detach yourself from society completely.


  • But on the other hand also you don't want to spend every second of your life there.


  • You don't want to live your life through social media because that's just such an unhealthy thing to do.


  • You don't want to be completely blinded by it.


  • So it takes over your priorities.


  • You know a following on instagram should not be your top priority in life.


  • So yeah, by the way, this week I also started to use twitter again.


  • I made some nonsense tweets.


  • I'm still not downloading the app on my phone though and I'm not following anybody.


  • It was just fun to tweet some, some things I might stop using it in a couple of days or weeks or who knows?


  • But I just didn't want to have that like mental block to like, oh you can never think about twitter again.


  • I'm not gonna follow anybody.


  • I'm probably just gonna shoot pose there.


  • And since this video is kind of already a life update from my side, the biggest news this week I launched a Patreon which you know, is for people who would like to support me because as I already told you guys, most of my videos get demonetized or restricted.


  • So I basically don't make almost any money off youtube when I accidentally posted the picture uncensored.


  • Um a lot of people are asking me why my videos get demonetized.


  • It's because as I said before, I don't censor myself.


  • Okay.


  • I don't believe in censorship of my own content.


  • If I want to say something a certain way, I'm gonna do it because you know, I want my vlogs to be authentic to who I actually am, which is also why I use copyrighted music because if there's a song that is in my head attached to a specific memory, I'm sure as hell gonna use that song in my vlog to capture that memory as a whole.


  • I've always been doing that even in my older vlogs and you guys give me props for it, which is just another reason for me to keep doing my vlogs the way I've been doing them.


  • Anyways, on my Patreon, I'm gonna be uploading bonus content that I don't necessarily want to upload on Youtube.


  • So different rants, type videos, like for example, this one story times behind the scenes from different vlogs, monthly update, vlogs about, you know, my life situation or the projects that I'm currently working on, there's a bunch of different perks for different tiers, so check it out if you're interested in that.


  • I think I'm overall uh the point in my life where I'm starting to be satisfied with who I am as a person, which I think is such an important thing that everybody should go through.


  • Um trying to just like kind of go with the flow, which also doesn't mean I don't believe that going with the flow means that you shouldn't have anything planned.


  • I believe you should always have something in mind away.


  • You want to progress something that you want to do day by day to achieve your long term goal, but generally go with the flow when it comes to opportunities that come up in your life.


  • If you know what I mean, you know what I mean right.


I just want to preface this video by saying that I don't really know what kind of rand this is going to turn into.



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