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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • is death reversible that's kind of cool  


  • hi jinx from invid and welcome future native  language speakers mr e is wearing a wig and  


  • he's got the sign eight slang phrases let's go  to the board and take a look what's going on  


  • so he's wearing a wig and he wants me to  read this story to you but before i start  


  • i'm going to explain what this is about what we're  going to do today is we're going to learn eight  


  • slang phrases you'll probably hear on the news on  romantic comedies or on police shows um primarily  


  • i want you to be able to become aware of what  these are so you can understand them from their  


  • context and the meaning of them and if you'renew uh a new language learner a new native speaker  


  • or trying to be um you may not want to use these  but they'll be very useful to you to understand  


  • what's being said because these are common  phrases that north american speakers use all right  

    これらは、北米のスピーカーがよく使う一般的なフレーズなので、「What's said?

  • so we're going to go to the board look at these  eight phrases why is this good well this is going  


  • to make your television viewing a lot better when  you watch romantic comedies or the news it'll also  


  • help you on the streets when you hear people just  say these things casually you'll go okay i know  


  • what they're talking about and as you get better  in english you might want to start using some of  


  • these cool all right let's get started let's  not hold you back from your learning lesson so  


  • story e you want me to read this okay and  you're going to explain why you're wearing  


  • a wig it seems he's doing it to show the  crazy woman i don't know let's just read it  


  • so one day when mr e was walking down the street  a beautiful woman came up to him out of the blue  


  • and made a positive oh that's interesting  out of the blue made it past okay seems  


  • we're supposed to pay attention to these things  in the blue okay mr e thought she was tripping  


  • because she said he was the best looking worm  she had ever seen okay so mr e thought she was  


  • up to something because she was a nervous wreck  it turns out she was a crook she demanded mr  


  • e's wallet saying hand it over mr e thought he  was a goner so he handed it over and ran away  


  • the end well the story seems like  he's a bit of a coward a chicken but  


  • let's go to the board and take a look at what he's  trying to get to us so the wig is because of the  


  • woman right e okay got it that's not your real  hair you're not going to be going to become mrs  


  • or anything like that the first one we have is out  of the blue okay that's it and that is a phrase  


  • an idiom and what it means is think of the sky  blue sky if something fell from a blue sky onto  


  • your head ow that would be out of the blue and  it means from nowhere unexpectedly you could  


  • say it happened unexpectedly so something out of  the blue is something that happens unexpectedly  

    say it happened unexpectedly so something out of blue is something that happens unexpectedly

  • the guy gave me a million dollars out of the blue  i didn't expect this it was unexpectedly next  


  • made a puss at him so she came out unexpectedly  first one and made a pause at him well if you play  


  • football and i mean the american kind you know  what i'm saying where you throw the ball like  


  • this it's called a purse so you pass the ball by  throwing it you threw a pass to someone and if you  


  • play the european sport of football then it will  be a kick and you kick the ball you pass it to  


  • your opponent or pass it to a player who scores  the ball it means to throw something at someone  


  • but that's not what it means here if someone makes  a pass at you it means they are flirty with you  


  • they're like hey how are you run around  flirting and if they make a heavy puss  


  • they could be strongly flirting at you okay okay  so made it possible mr e thought she was trippin  


  • now this is strange because we have an  apostrophe and i don't know why we have it  


  • actually i do when you have an apostrophe it means  something's missing now usually there's an english  


  • word and it's called tripping and it has a g on  it okay and that g indicates like about to fall  


  • over because something this is different because  it is slang so when you see that it's a different  


  • message tripping in this case means not in your  right mind or mentally ill it also can mean


  • not cigarettes okay if you're a little older  you know what i mean some people can be tripping  


  • because they're using narcotics and it's not  alcohol so she's tripping she is mentally ill so  


  • he thought she was mentally ill that's a kind ofserious thing right especially because she said he  


  • was good looking or something and flirting now why  was she doing this he said because she he was the  


  • best looking worm she had ever seen he has issues  self self-confidence issues he's a good looking  

    彼女が今まで見た中で一番格好いいと思った虫 彼は自分に自信を持てない問題を抱えている 彼は格好いいけど

  • guy look at him but clearly he didn't think he  was the best looking worm that she had ever seen  


  • he thought she was up to something now when  somebody is up to something we think they're  

    彼は彼女が何かを企んでいると思っていた 今や誰かが何かを企んでいる時、我々は彼らが

  • doing something suspicious or something that's  not good or right so if i think you're up to  


  • something i think you're doing something that's  not good i'm suspicious i'm questioning you okay  


  • so because she thought he was the best looking  worm he thought she must be up to something  


  • next she was also a nervous wreck okay well  that helps just because someone gives you a  


  • compliment doesn't mean you're crazy but if  you're also nervous and you're saying you're  


  • the best looking worm i've ever seen i would  think something's not white quite right here so  


  • a nervous wreck is when somebody's very anxious  a little nervous too much nervous wreck okay

    a nervous wreck(神経衰弱)とは、誰かがとても不安になっている状態のことです......少し神経質になりすぎている状態です......大丈夫です。

  • it turned out or it turns out she wascrook well a crook when we say crooked  


  • something's crooked it's not straight and not  straight means criminal so she was a criminal


  • so this complimenting woman was really a criminal  she demanded mr e's wallet saying hand it over  


  • now this is my hand and just just pretend this is  a table when you hand something over it means to  


  • give give it to someone else on the other side  so if i say hand over the the water give it to  


  • me but in this case she was a crook and she  demanded see she didn't ask to hand it over  


  • to take out his wallet and give it to her i don't  think i got a wallet i'm kind of poor let me see

    財布を取り出して彼女に渡すために 私は財布を持っていないと思います。

  • wallet so hand it over that means give it to her  but she demanded so it's not polite if someone  


  • says do you hand it over it's not usually asking  you in a polite way okay so don't use it and think  


  • it's okay like hand over the cookies hand over the  milk it's usually asking someone an aggressive way  

    hand over the cookies hand over the milkのように、大丈夫です。

  • to give it to you and finally he thought he wasgoner well that makes sense if someone's a nervous  


  • wreck they're a little bit too nervous and anxious  you find out they're a criminal and then they say  


  • give me your wallet you probably think they have  a gun and if they have a gun you probably think  


  • they're going to kill you if somebody saysthought i was a goner it means they thought they  

    彼らはあなたを殺そうとしている もし誰かが「俺は死ぬと思った」と言ったら それは彼らがそう思ったということだ

  • were going to die or something bad was going  to happen so if somebody has a heart attack


  • oh i thought i was a goner i actually thoughtwas going to go away to heaven being a goner okay  


  • and then he said he ran away because he's suchbrave guy yeah my hero and he's at the end so we  


  • don't even know we know he gave away his wallet  and he ran away but at least now we understand  


  • this story that we started with with many actually  we have eight um idioms that you may not have  


  • known or phrases and now we have an opportunity  to go back and see how well you've learned them  


  • because i've explained them to you and when  we come back from the board i'm going to erase  


  • all of our phrases and i want you to try and tell  me what should be in here in place what will be  


  • the regular english and then this way you'll have  one the visual of slang and two how it turns into  


  • normal language and how you can probably use it  in your own life cool are you ready huh let's come  


  • back to the board and we're back and as i said  oh i've got the wrong marker i want to use black  


  • we did the slang terms and i want to make  quick mention of something slang is cool  


  • and it's good for you to understand because a lot  of times what what is slang is shortened language  


  • people use it because it communicates an  idea faster than saying the whole sentence  


  • and it's kind of cool better than  being so professional all the time  


  • but please keep in mind when we say things like  tripping right i gave you the example tripping  


  • can be on drugs you wouldn't say if somebody was  actually really mentally ill they're tripping or  


  • there's another one i'm going to show you later  on and when i say polite company is something  


  • if someone's mentally ill you say they are  mentally ill they're depressed or something else  


  • people may say this though and this is why i'm  teaching this to you if you're in a bar situation  


  • or they might say it on a television program and  just because they're saying it doesn't mean you  


  • should i'm going to say emulate but which means  copy it so keep that in mind it's for you to know  


  • so when you're watching tv programs or people  are speaking to you know what they're saying  


  • but context is very important if someone's  saying it to her in the bar it doesn't  


  • mean you should say hey her her brother's  tripping in a mental hospital or he's not  


  • well the other one i'll teach you shortly but it's  when they say it to you you can go i understand  


  • i'm not going to repeat that but i understand cool  all right so my public safety uh announcement is  


  • done my psa let's go to the board see how well  you learned what i've taught you earlier on


  • let's start over here mr e okay so one day mr  e was walking down the street a beautiful woman  


  • came up to him and what was out of the blue  so what is out of the blue mean that's the key


  • unexpectedly he didn't know what was  going to happen it wasn't planned  


  • so it was unexpectedly so another word for out  of the blue is unexpected and what happened


  • i'm sorry i'm writing the answer  she made a pause at him she made  


  • it possible what's another word for  making a pause at someone or another


  • phrase uh


  • it was flirtatious but i'm saying very flirty she  was very flirty with him that means she was like  

    媚びていたが、非常に媚びていたということだ 彼女は彼と非常に媚びていた、つまり彼女は

  • oh my gosh oh you're so amazing you're so great  so when someone flirts with you which is the verb  


  • right it means they say you're very  attractive and they're very very  


  • i don't know what's the word they  want to show their interest in you


  • mr e thought she was what


  • now this is what i was explaining at the beginning  of the lesson or this segment of the lesson


  • all right we said oops tripping  and tripping in this case was

    この場合のトリップは、「Oops Tripping」と言いました。

  • mentally ill so i'll go over that once more  if someone's mentally ill in a non-slang way  


  • say they are mentally ill if they have psychosis  so they have to have a psychiatric treatment  


  • or see doctors call them mentally ill andtold you another thing for tripping was for  


  • drugs if someone's on illegal or illicit  drugs they could be on legal drugs but they  


  • have too many they could be tripping meaning  they're not in their right mind at this time  


  • and tripping can also be angry are you tripping  are you crazy crazy and angry in that way okay  


  • so he thought she was mentally ill because  she came out under the out of the blue  


  • unexpectedly she was very flirty from nowhere  so he's like okay i think you're mentally ill


  • okay so she was best because she said she was  the best looking worm she had ever seen so mr e  


  • thought she was up was what what was  up to something what's nothing okay


  • for up to something is doing something suspicious  so i'm just going to write this over here  


  • because i don't have any room suspicious she was  very suspicious so let me clean that up a little  


  • bit more because i want you to be able to read  what i write she was doing something suspicious


  • okay and that's something that you don't really  trust okay something's wrong with what's going on  


  • you're suspicious because she was what a nervous  wreck right and if she was a nervous wreck what  


  • does that mean now what is very anxious because  some of you people even though it gave you nervous  


  • wreck for slang very anxious might also make you  very anxious when you're anxious it means you're  

    wreck for slang very anxious may also make you very anxious when you're anxious it's mean you!

  • nervous nervous is okay you get nervous probably  when you're trying to speak english to people  


  • right you're there oh will i remember the words  will i get the order right is the grammar correct  

    right you're there oh will I remember the words will I get the order is the grammar correct

  • i get it i get nervous doing videos sometimes  when you're a nervous wreck it's different  


  • because when you're nervous you can  still function you can do something  


  • i may be nervous now but i can still teach  this lesson if i'm a nervous wreck i'll be like


  • and i won't be able to perform or do anything  and if you're a nervous wreck you won't be able  


  • to do anything so when you're very anxious or too  anxious you can be a nervous wreck cool all right  


  • now because because she was anxious you know  she was too nervous and she was too nice those  


  • two things don't go together like why are you so  nervous and being so nice a little bit makes sense  


  • too much is not good because it turns out she was  a we said crook and i said crook is not straight  


  • so you have something that's straight when it's  bent it's a crook and i should have explained in  


  • english if someone's a straight arrow it means  they do the right thing so we say someone's  


  • straight they do the right thing or they're not  gay or homosexual that's what straight means so  


  • when something's bent it means it's not what we  expect and not normal all right so in this case  


  • she was a crook and another word for crook  in this case is what it is a criminal


  • and we all know what criminals are someone  who breaks the law right next she demanded  


  • mr e's wallet saying what did we say hand  it over right hand it over once again  

    Mr.Eの財布が言っていた「私たちは何を言っていたのでしょうか? 渡してください、右に渡してください、もう一度渡してください。

  • i explain what it means so i'm going  to give you a second to think about it


  • that's right now i have to  explain something because what  


  • i am going to write is not exactly the same

    I am going to write is not exactly same

  • they have similar meanings but if somebody says  hand it over usually it's not polite right it's  

    似たような意味ですが、もし誰かが hand it over と言ったら、普通は丁寧語ではなくて

  • usually more of a demanding form if someone  says give it to me or you can give it to me  


  • it's much more casual right oh you've got a new  watch give it to me let me take a look at it  


  • you can say hand it over but usually handed over  in this case is a bit stronger right hand it over  

    hand it overと言うこともできますが、通常この場合のhanded overはもう少し強いright hand it overです。

  • it's not as polite as can i have it or can i look  at it or can you give it to me so i'm saying that  


  • to you in case you think oh hand it over give  it to me or equal if you say hand it over people  


  • will think you're being a little bit rude all  right but it is slang and you should know what  


  • it means because it means they actually want it  and they want you to give it to them probably now


  • okay he thought he was something so he handed  it over right away now if you remember what  


  • i said if handed over is strong and it's a  criminal telling you to hand something over  


  • what do you think is probably  going to happen with your life hmm


  • yeah you might think you're a he thought he  was a dead man it doesn't mean dead man it  


  • could be a dead woman anything that you think  if you think you're going to die and you're a  


  • woman you can say i thought it was a goner  if you're a guy you could say i thought i  


  • was a goner if your dog is sick and you saidcouldn't get into the hospital i thought he was  


  • a goner it means i think they're going to lose  their life okay so it's not losing a race or a  


  • game so don't think if you play a soccer you're  like well i thought we were goners it's like no  


  • they weren't gonna shoot all of you if you lost  the game but if you feel that you're a goner  


  • it means you feel that your life will probably be  over in any situation right from a car accident  


  • heart attack operation you could begoner if there's not a good doctor right  


  • cool so now that we've done this and you've  gone over it that were eight dif those were  


  • eight different phrases or idioms right and as  i said most of these you're gonna find will be  


  • in movies romantic comedies or people will say  them on the street right um so i don't expect you  


  • to use them as per se so in every conversation  but i want you to be aware of them so you can  


  • understand the things that you hear around  you a little bit better and as you get better  


  • then you can use them every once in a while  now as always i have a bonus for you so what i  


  • did was i picked four of the ones that are most  commonly said that you will most commonly hear  


  • and i gave you more slang but similar so in this  case out of the blue as i said if you can remember  


  • out of the blue think blue sky something falling  down if you come out of nowhere imagine if you  


  • are sitting there at the screen watching right  now and i go boom i came out of nowhere because  


  • for you there was nothing there and suddenly  i was there so these two are very similar he  


  • came out of nowhere the car i was driving and the  car came out of nowhere i didn't see it it just  


  • just appeared tripping i was explaining to  you that and i'll just put this one remember  


  • if someone is seriously mentally ill please  don't use this it's not funny you can use it for  


  • and people will and it's not that they're bad  people they might say my boss was okay in this  


  • case not playing with a full deck you could  be mentally ill because when you have cards  


  • there are 52 cards and if you only have 49 it's  not a full deck it means everything's not there  


  • that's one thing for talking at a bar or talking  or listening to on television it's another thing  


  • to go out and publicly casually say it so  be careful with this know what someone means  


  • i suggest you don't use it in public so another  word for it tripping and this is this isn't drugs  


  • in this case somebody is mentally ill or you think  they're crazy right and i say boss because most of  


  • us think our bosses are not playing with a full  deck because they make suggestions and you're  


  • like that's just kind of crazy you don't literally  think they're crazy but you think that idea might  


  • be crazy and if they're tripping you think  they've got bad ideas and maybe they're crazy  


  • make a pause at someone you can also  say hit on someone and i don't mean  

    誰かにツッコミを入れるという意味では、hit on someone という言葉もありますが、私はそういう意味ではありません。

  • punch all right so it's not a case where someone's  punching you in the face you go oh he hit on me  


  • that is when you called