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  • Hey WellCasters, today, were going to cover puberty from the female perspective.

  • And if you don’t know what that means,

  • it might be because you have gone:

  • A .You haven’t gone through puberty yet.

  • or B. Youre a boy.

  • So boys, listen up, this is what were about to cover ---

  • our periods, pubic hair, your boobs and cellulite.

  • Hang on if you want.

  • Section 1: Your period and how to prepare for it.

  • So, somewhere between the ages of 7 and 13,

  • your overly starting to pump up the hormone estrogen.

  • Sensually, this is to help your body for eventual pregnancy.

  • Your ovaries are filled with thousands of eggs.

  • Every month until menopause,

  • your body passes an egg from your ovaries

  • through the fallopian tube, into the uterus which at this point,

  • is lined with blood and extra tissue which would help nourish and protect a hypothetical baby.

  • But when youre not pregnant, your body spends the next 5 to 7 days getting rid of that stuff

  • which it doesn’t need and this results in your period.

  • It sounds all really straightforward but it kinda doesn’t feel that way so be prepared.

  • First of all, your hormones urge and it can do funny things in your mood.

  • For your very first period, the ladies here in WellCast suggest that you keep a stash of pads and an extra pair of panties around

  • to avoid any embarrassing accidents which happened to me a lot.

  • It was really sad.

  • Section 2: While were on the subject of another regions,

  • let’s talk about your hair.

  • WellCasters, if you look real close, you have hair all over your body.

  • The fine, short vellus hair in your chest, back and cheeks help regulate temperature and protect from little tiny things.

  • It’s cousin, terminal hair which you find in your head, on your armpits,

  • on other parts of your face and in another regions is coarser.

  • It means to protect.

  • Youll probably be tempted to shave pluck or wax unwanted hair

  • and weve all been there and some of us have gone a little bit too far.

  • And the good news and the bad news is guess what?

  • It comes back! Welcome to womanhood!

  • If you so choose, find the hair removal method that is right for you,

  • but make sure that you do your research first on its risks and proper use.

  • Section 3: Ouch! My boobs!

  • Tenderness around the nipples and breast area is totally normal as you breasts

  • you know, fill out!

  • And here’s the bad news: They probably won’t grow on the same rate as each other.

  • Again, totally normal!

  • You might notice some stretch marks as well if you experience rapid growthgood for you in your breasts, hips and thighs.

  • Totally normal!

  • Please don’t worry! The stretch marks will fade with time and I promise your boobs will stop hurting

  • until you are PMS-ing and then they will hurt again.

  • Theyre gonna hurt once a month.

  • Section 4: Accept the cellulite.

  • The cottage cheesy look cellulite is simply fat living just beneath the skin surface.

  • As your body grows, you probably gonna notice it a bit especially around your thighs.

  • But guess what?! Most women and girls have cellulite and it’s almost entirely genetic.

  • There’s a certain amount of fat your body needs to continue and fully grow and develop into a woman.

  • Think about this way, ladies. For the rest of your life,

  • your body’s gonna hang on to fat differently.

  • And the reason is, deep down inside its thinking,

  • Wait! We might have a baby!”

  • Well ladies of WellCast. That was fun! Just kidding!

  • I know it wasn’t. We here in WellCast hope you learn to think your body and friend’s body.

  • And if you feel like the whole world is collapsing around you,

  • or you feel like an ogre,

  • or you feel like your face has been taken over by these weird disease

  • and youre never gonna be attractive ever again!

  • Look around you.

  • Every girl that you know is going through the same thing.

  • Meeting adjourned!

  • For more super cool facts about super coolPuberty”,

  • check out these resources.

  • Well, that’s all from today WellCasters.

  • Would you do me a kindness?

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Hey WellCasters, today, were going to cover puberty from the female perspective.


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