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  • 'Have', 'has', 'had'.

    'Have', 'has', 'had'.

  • Which one do I use? What do they mean? Let's find out!


  • What's up guys? My name is Shane and today we are talking about 'have', 'has', and 'had'.


  • This is very important vocabulary that is very easy to learn.


  • And make sure you watch until the end of the video so you understand how to make questions and negatives as well.


  • Okay, let's get started.


  • [Part 1: How To Use Have, Has & Had.]


  • 'Have' and 'has': 'Have' and 'has' have exactly the same meaning, but we use them with different nouns.

    Have と has:Have と has は全く同じ意味ですが、異なる名詞と一緒に使います。

  • With 'have', we use it like this: 'I have', 'You have', 'We have', 'They have', 'John and Paul have', 'The dogs have'.

    have では、このように I have、You have、We have、They have、John and Paul have、The dogs have と使います。

  • So, as you can see, normally we use 'have' with plural nouns, with two or more.


  • With 'has', we use it like this: 'He has', 'She has', 'It has', 'The dog has', 'Shane has'.

    has では、次のように He has、She has、It has、The dog has、Shane has と使います。

  • As you can see, we normally use 'has' with singular nouns. A singular noun is one thing.


  • For example, 'he', 'she', 'it', but when we use 'had', we can use had with any noun.

    例えば、he、she、it などですが、had を使う場合は、どのような名詞でもhadを使うことができます。

  • 'I had', 'You had', 'They had', 'He had',' John had', 'The dogs had', 'The dog had'.

    'I had', 'You had', 'They had', 'He had',' John had', 'The dogs had', 'The dog had'.

  • You can use 'had' with any pronoun.

    どんな代名詞でも had を使うことができます。

  • So just remember, normally 'have' with plural, 'has' with singular and 'had' with singular and plural.


  • [Part 2: Meaning.]


  • 'Have', 'has', and 'had', have many meanings, but the most common meaning is 'to own something'.

    Have、has、Had には様々な意味がありますが、最も一般的なのは「何かを所有する」という意味です。

  • For example: 'I have a phone.'


  • It's mine. It's my phone. I own it right now.


  • I am talking about right now in the present.


  • Let's look at another example, but this time, with 'has'.


  • 'He has a phone.' 'He has a phone.'


  • It's his phone, it's not my phone. It's his phone.


  • He 'has' it right now in the present.


  • So just remember, 'have' and 'has' are talking about to own something right now in the present.


  • What about 'had'.


  • If I say: 'He had a phone', does he have a phone now? No he doesn't.


  • 'Had' means you own something in the past; it's already finished.


  • What about this one? 'They had a car.'


  • Do you they have a car now? No they don't.


  • 'Had' means in the past they had a car but now, they do not have a car.


  • Just remember, 'had' is talking about in the past, it is finished, it's not now.


  • [Part 3: Negatives & Questions.]

    【Part 3: 否定& 疑問】

  • What about negatives and questions?


  • Let's look at this example: 'You have a phone.'


  • What if we want to say, no, no phone.


  • We can say, 'You don't have a phone.'


  • So when we want to turn it into a negative, we say, 'don't have'; 'You don't have a phone,.'

    なので、それを否定に変えたいときには、don't have、「電話を持っていない」と言うのです。

  • 'I don't have', 'they don't have', 'we don't have'.


  • What about if you want to make it into a question?


  • You can say: 'Do you have a phone?' 'Do you have a phone?'

    あなたは「Do you have a phone?(電話を持っていますか?)」と言えます。

  • What about this one? 'He has a phone.' 'He has a phone. '

    これはどうでしょう?「彼は電話を持っています(He has a phone.)」

  • How can we say no, no phone. We can say: 'He doesn't have a phone.' 'He doesn't have a phone.'

    どうやって、電話がないと言えるのか。私たちは「He doesn't have a phone.(彼は電話を持っていません)」と言えます。

  • So we don't say has. We say ''doesn't have' a phone'.

    hasとは言いません。doesn't have' a phone(電話を持っていない)」と言います。

  • 'He doesn't have', 'She doesn't have', 'It doesn't have', 'John doesn't have'.


  • Okay, what about a question?


  • We can say: 'Does he have a phone?' 'Does he have a phone?'

    私たちは、「Does he have a phone?(彼は電話を持っていますか?)」と言います。

  • 'Does he have a phone?' Does she have a phone?' 'Does it have a phone?' 'Does John have a phone'?


  • So, in summary, we say, 'I have', 'I don't have', 'Do I have'? 'He has', 'He doesn't have', 'Does he have?

    つまり要約すると、I have, I don't have, Do I have? He has , He doesn't have, Does he have?と言います。

  • Okay now what about had? Let's look at this example: 'He had a phone.'

    ではhadはどうでしょうか?この例を見てみましょう:「He had a phone.(彼は携帯電話を持っていました。)」

  • How do we say no, no phone? We can say: 'He didn't have a phone.' 'He didn't have a phone. '

    Noを使う時はどう言えばいいのでしょうか?私たちは次のように言えます:「He didn't have a phone. (彼は電話を持っていませんでした。)」

  • What about a question?


  • We can say: 'Did he have a phone?' 'Did he have a phone?'

    私たちは、「Did he have a phone?(彼は電話を持っていましたか?)」と言います。

  • Let's look at one more example: 'They had a phone.'

    もう1つ例を見てみましょう。「They had a phone(彼らは電話を持っていた)」。

  • How do we say no, no phone?


  • We say: 'They didn't have a phone.' 'They didn't have a phone.'

    私たちはこう言います:「彼らは電話を持っていなかった(They didn't have a phone.)」

  • What about the question? 'Did they have a phone?' 'Did they have a phone?'

    質問はどうでしょうか?「Did they have a phone?'(彼らは電話を持っていましたか?)」

  • So just remember with 'had', we say, 'he had', 'he didn't have', and 'did he have'.

    だから、「had」で覚えておいてほしいのは、he had, he didn't have, と did he have.と言うことです。

  • And that it is for today.


  • If you would like some extra practice, look in the description and you will see some sentences that have missing words.


  • Fill in those words with 'has',' have', 'had',' don't', 'do', whatever you think is the right word.


  • And when you've finished, post your answers in the comments.


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'Have', 'has', 'had'.

'Have', 'has', 'had'.

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