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  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • CNA English school

  • 580 language centers in Brazil

  • More than a half-million students

  • Not all of our students have the chance to travel abroad and to interact with native speakers of English

  • What our student’s really want is to speak English fluently and we are always asking ourselves how can we make it more real, more human.

  • They want to practice English.

  • Chicago, USA

  • Retirement community

  • And they just want someone to talk to

  • The idea: bring them together.

  • CAN presents

  • Speaking exchange

  • We created a tool that connects our students with seniors in the USA living in retirement homes

  • Hello

  • Hello Hello

  • Mellisa

  • Hi Dick

  • Can you hear me?

  • Yes I can.

  • Can you hear me?

  • How are you today?

  • I’m good.

  • How are you?

  • It’s the first time that I am talking to someone from another country.

  • I’m very excited to be doing this.

  • I look like I’m only twenty-five, But I’m eighty-eight hahahaha

  • Do you have sisters and brothers?

  • No, I’m an only child.

  • Only one? Oh you poor fellah

  • I’m live with my old brother he has 23 years

  • Do you know instead of saying he has 23 years, you could say he is twenty three years old

  • I try to go to La Paloza that we have next week I think in Brazil, but my mom wouldn’t let me

  • Ahz you got a good mom

  • Good morning dear Julia, good morning to you

  • This is your dad?

  • That’s me and my wife when we were young

  • Oh youre good looking when you were young and youre still goodlooking

  • My first destiny is United States of course because I wanted to put better my english

  • Well you do very well I must say

  • Are you planning someday to go to Brazil

  • I would like to

  • Ah you can stay with my house if you want to

  • ahahahahaha

  • If you could just dream and have whatever you want, what would you what do you think you would like to be doing?

  • I see myself in big family you know with a beautiful wife you know

  • The tool uploads the video to a YouTube private link to be evaluated by teachers of CNA.

  • I want to thank you for this change of experience you know you are incredible

  • Obrigado

  • You are my new grand daughter and I love you

  • I love you too

  • And if you were here I would give you a big hug

  • Oh yeah Let’s hug

  • ohh

  • Bye

  • Bye

  • More than better students. Better people.

Sao Paulo, Brazil


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CNA - スピーキング交換 (CNA - Speaking Exchange)

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