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Sao Paulo, Brazil
CNA English school
580 language centers in Brazil
More than a half-million students
Not all of our students have the chance to travel abroad and to interact with native speakers of English
What our student’s really want is to speak English fluently and we are always asking ourselves how can we make it more real, more human.
They want to practice English.
Chicago, USA
Retirement community
And they just want someone to talk to
The idea: bring them together.
CAN presents
Speaking exchange
We created a tool that connects our students with seniors in the USA living in retirement homes
Hello Hello
Hi Dick
Can you hear me?
Yes I can.
Can you hear me?
How are you today?
I’m good.
How are you?
It’s the first time that I am talking to someone from another country.
I’m very excited to be doing this.
I look like I’m only twenty-five, But I’m eighty-eight hahahaha
Do you have sisters and brothers?
No, I’m an only child.
Only one? Oh you poor fellah
I’m live with my old brother he has 23 years
Do you know instead of saying he has 23 years, you could say he is twenty three years old
I try to go to La Paloza that we have next week I think in Brazil, but my mom wouldn’t let me
Ahz you got a good mom
Good morning dear Julia, good morning to you
This is your dad?
That’s me and my wife when we were young
Oh you’re good looking when you were young and you’re still goodlooking
My first destiny is United States of course because I wanted to put better my english
Well you do very well I must say
Are you planning someday to go to Brazil
I would like to
Ah you can stay with my house if you want to
If you could just dream and have whatever you want, what would you what do you think you would like to be doing?
I see myself in big family you know with a beautiful wife you know
The tool uploads the video to a YouTube private link to be evaluated by teachers of CNA.
I want to thank you for this change of experience you know you are incredible
You are my new grand daughter and I love you
I love you too
And if you were here I would give you a big hug
Oh yeah Let’s hug
More than better students. Better people.


CNA - Speaking Exchange

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