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  • hey everyone jennifer from turtle speech with your  pronunciation question we have three words today  


  • place a location plays performances or kids having  fun and placebo a medicine with no physical but  


  • with psychological benefits all right let's takelook at our words we have place plays and placebo  


  • for place in place these words are almost  exactly the same they start with the same  


  • three sounds p l and the long a play play play  so to say play i'm actually going to add that in  

    3つの音 p l and the long a play play so to say play 私は実際にそれを加えるつもりです。

  • we are going to start with our lips two together  and think about having your tongue in the correct  


  • spot for the l which is behind the top front  teeth that's actually touching the back of the  


  • top front teeth and then as you open your mouth  your tongue will be in the right spot for the l  


  • pull pull next we're going to move to the long  a and to do this open your mouth and then move  

    プルプル プルプル プルプルプル プルプル プルプル プルプル プルプル

  • to a smile for that long a my tip to most of my  students is make your vowels at the end of words  


  • a little bit longer and typically  that helps fix any of the mistakes  


  • for place we're going to add an s sound to do  this tip of the tongue is either pointed down  


  • or behind the top front teeth it is not touching  air is going to move out of your mouth place  


  • place place and for plays all you're going to do  is turn on your voice for that z sound so it's  


  • exactly the same as the s tongue is in the  same spot either pointed down or behind the  


  • top front teeth not touching the difference  is your voice box is on and moving plays plays  


  • plays so we have play place and plays you are  probably hearing a little bit of a longer a  


  • in the word plays because we have that  voiced z vowels are voiced voiced sounds  


  • are voiced that makes our voice stay on and  makes that vowel sound a little bit longer  


  • last for placebo this confuses people because  it's pronounced differently we are going to  


  • have the schwa here at the beginning pla which  is a nice short relaxed mouth nice short vowel  


  • then we're going to move to the word c to  do this s sound tip of the tongue down or  


  • behind the back of the top front teeth air is  moving out no voice no touching in the teeth  

    上の前歯の裏に空気が出ている 声が出ない 歯に触れない

  • and then smile for that long e c and then we're  going to end with bow and to do this you're going  

    そして、その長いe cに笑顔を向け、最後にbowで締めくくります。

  • to put your lips together open them up and then  move to a pucker for that long o bow bow bow pla

    唇を合わせるときは、唇を開いてからパッカーに移行して、長いO bow bow bow pla

  • placebo placebo placebo so we have play  place plays placebo play place plays placebo  

    プラシーボプラシーボプラシーボプラシーボプラシーボ プラシーボプラシーボプラシーボ

  • and now for a sentence the children play outside  in the place where the actors do a lot of plays i  


  • couldn't add placebo in there but you can leave me  a sentence for placebo if you would like so give  


  • it a try people are going to notice the difference  if you found this helpful we would love a like a  


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  • and all of our class options at tarle  speech thanks everyone have a great week


hey everyone jennifer from turtle speech with your  pronunciation question we have three words today  



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PLAY, PLACE, PLAYS, PLACEBOの発音 - 英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce PLAY, PLACE, PLAYS, PLACEBO - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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