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  • Just when we thought we had seen EVERY single picture out there of One Direction, rare and

  • unseen photos of the boys just popped up and it's making every Directioner wanna hop in

  • a time machine - Let's get into it 

  • As we inch closer to the 11 year anniversary of One Direction's formation, many Directioners

  • are coming down with a bad case of nostalgia… 

  • Lucky for us a VERY devoted 1D fan just launched a Twitter account where she shares all kinds

  • of never-before-seen pics of the boys from back in the good ol' days.

  • She goes by the handle archivesot5 and she mostly tweets out pictures of the former boyband

  • taken by other Directioners.

  • Take this photo for example where we see Louis Tomlinson tenderly smiling at the camera as

  • he's being photographed with a fan right outside of the Belfast City Airport.  

  • Judging by Louis' mop-top haircut this image dates back to 2011 when they had just been

  • catapulted into superstardom

  • And yep, that's Niall Horan behind Louis apparently signing autographs and greeting

  • some very lucky fans

  • Next we have this picture from the crowd of all 5 members performing in England during

  • the X Factor Live Tour

  • We're not sure what song they're singing in this picture where we see Louis, Liam and

  • Niall stare at Harry as he tries to hit what seems to be a high note.

  • Meanwhile Zayn's just looking into space perfecting his eyebrow pose

  • A lot of people in the comments say that they were singing 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars but

  • that's actually not true because we dug up that performance and Niall is seen playing

  • the guitar

  • Here we have yet another picture of all 5 former members with Liam in the middle giving

  • Louis bunny ears while they wait for their baggage at the conveyor belt

  • We're not entirely sure at which airport this photo was snapped but once again, using

  • their haircuts to tell the time it seems the picture is also from around 2011. 

  • And how about this other picture of a baby-faced Harry Styles posing next to a fan and an Apple

  • Store employee who had just gotten off workOh wait, that's not an apple store employee,

  • That's Louis.

  • Also I think I just realized that Harry and Louis are wearing the same polo shirt but

  • of different colors in this picture

  • Speaking of Harry and Louis, here's another picture of them from 2011 where Harry appears

  • to be whispering something into Louis' ear on what looks like some sort of stage

  • Well, we could be here all day reminiscing and going through the entire collection of

  • photos but if you guys wanna check out the rest just head over to her Twitter account

  • Before you go though, click right over here to see how Niall showed Harry support after

  • his latest win at this year's BRIT Awards.

  • And also let us know in the comments which was your favorite unseen picture of One Direction.

  • I loved the pic of Louis and Harry matching in their polo shirts!

  • I'm your host Renee Ariel, you can find me on Instagram @ReneeAriel.

  • See you next time!

Just when we thought we had seen EVERY single picture out there of One Direction, rare and


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Never Before Seen One Direction Pictures Surface!!!

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