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  • After Ariana Grande's Broadway-style mini musical with James Corden, fans are convinced that it's another major clue that Ari will be playing Megara in the upcoming Hercules live-action film.

  • Let's get into it

  • On Tuesday, Ariana and James pulled out all the stops to celebrate the end of COVID-19 restrictions in California with a parody of the Broadway musical Hairspray that even featured its leading star Marissa Jaret Winokur.

  • Ari sang about being able to get a proper haircut, hitting the gym, and greeting friends with a kiss again, and fans just couldn't get enough of her vocals

  • Comments highlighting how Ari would be perfect to bring a Disney princess to life flooded the video's comment section on YouTube, with some fans even talking about actually starting a petition!

  • Good idea!

  • Well, it just so happens that other fans interpreted Ari's latest performance as another clear sign in the growing list of clues that she'll be starring in Disney's live-action Hercules film as Megara

  • This fan pretty much summed up that sentiment tweeting: "I'm telling y'all Ariana is gonna be cast as Megara or Elphaba real damn soon."

  • "Ariana doesn't just bring out her Broadway roots for nothing."

  • Moving on to other recent clues:

  • On Monday, Ari announced that her new perfume named God is a Woman will soon be hitting Ultas everywhere, and fans definitely picked up on her scent.

  • Eagle-eyed followers noticed that in both promo ads, her new perfume bottle is either resting atop a Greek column, or on its side, and a purple glow is very much present.


  • And speaking of the color purple, which as you guys know, is Megara's signature color, we recently saw Ari perform at the iHeartRadio Music Awards with The Weeknd in a stunning purple silk gown, and she even wore her hair in a very similar fashion to Meg's.

  • Which is also very similar to Ari's regular hairstyle, but you know what we're saying.

  • During her performance, fans also noticed that some of Ari's tattoos, like her butterflies and Pokémon character, Eevee, had mysteriously disappeared from her arms and came to the conclusion that she had them covered up, as she was already filming Hercules

  • But we have to keep in mind that prior to that event, Ari had just shared her beautiful wedding photos where she also had her largest ink designs concealed.

  • So, it could just be that nowadays Ari displays her body art depending on her mood or on the occasion

  • Either way, the most promising clue that Ari could be playing Megara in the upcoming live-action Hercules film is without a doubt her rendition of 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' during quarantine last year for The Disney Family Singalong

  • Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

  • I mean we actually got to see Ari get into Megara's skin to belt out the character's most iconic song and her resemblance was uncanny

  • Well, if Ari decides to be a part of this new project, we may be seeing a lot of her on the big screen as the film's producers, the Russo brothersyup the brothers & directors of Avengers: Endgamerecently teased the idea of creating a Hercules cinematic universe that could potentially turn into a multi-movie franchise

  • And as for the male lead, there are plenty of options.

  • Fans would love to see Ari star opposite Jacob Elordi, Zac Efron, KJ Apa or Noah Centineo.

  • However, nothing has been confirmed just yet, so we're all just gonna have to keep digging for clues until then.

  • In the meantime, click right over here for even more details about Ari's epic performance on James Corden's late night show:

  • After that, let me know what you think is the most telling clue that Ari could be playing Meg in the upcoming live-action Hercules film.

  • I'm your host Sussan Mourad, you can find me on all socials @Sussan_Mourad.

  • I'll catch you later. Bye guys.

After Ariana Grande's Broadway-style mini musical with James Corden, fans are convinced that it's another major clue that Ari will be playing Megara in the upcoming Hercules live-action film.


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