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  • The Honda Aircraft Company today revealednew upgraded aircraft, the "HondaJet Elite S,"

  • The HondaJet Elite S features several upgrades  that expand operational capability and improve  

  • flight operation. With an increased  maximum takeoff weight of 200 lbs.

  • customers can now fly up to 138  miles further at a higher payload,  

  • or take an additional passenger  during their typical mission.

  • Additionally, the new avionics  features of FAA Data Communication  

  • and ACARS replace traditional voice commands  with text-based messaging to improve the clarity  

  • and efficiency of communications. Combined  with the newly introduced Advanced Steering  

  • Augmentation System (ASAS), the Elite S further  reduces pilot workload and maximizes safety.

  • Taking the Honda Jet's signature  exterior profile to the next level,  

  • the Honda Jet Elite S introduces  new styling with exclusive paint  

  • schemes, available in GunmetalLuxe Gold, and Deep Sea Blue.

  • These new color options are topped  off with a signature Elite S logo,  

  • with the bold red S and further customization  available depending on exterior color selections.

  • While introducing the HondaJet Elite S,  

  • Honda Aircraft Company unveiled an Elite S with  a special paint scheme, which represents the  

  • company's continued commitment, to research  and development of leading-edge technology,  

  • to realize new possibilities and  propose new value for business aviation.

The Honda Aircraft Company today revealednew upgraded aircraft, the "HondaJet Elite S,"


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Honda Aircraft Company Unveils the HondaJet Elite S

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