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  • Technology now connects everything, and everyone, everywhere.

  • From smart cities to smart clothing, we generate billions of new connections.

  • That bring us closer, make us healthier, safer, smarter,

  • But the more connected we are, the more challenging it is to meet our expectations.

  • How do you innovate what's next, first?

  • How do you keep up with the accelerating pace and complexity?

  • More speed

  • Less power

  • Perfect accuracy

  • Tighter security

  • The pressures to be first and best are greater than ever.

  • At Keysight, we work with you to design, test, and operate tomorrow's most innovative technologies

  • today

  • We help you adopt emerging protocols and standards before they're defined.

  • We challenge you to re-imagine your innovation processes

  • in automotive and energy, aerospace and defense, wireless communications, networking, cloud,

  • and the internet of things

  • We integrate your development workflow to accelerate your next creation.

  • We make your networks stronger.

  • And we bring our decades-long insight, research, and expertise -- with over 500 industry and

  • application experts around the world- to help you every step of the way.

  • Our customers are the world's visionaries and innovators

  • They partner with us to innovate faster across every stage of their development lifecycle

  • and every layer of the stack.

  • Making their businesses more productive to gain a competitive edge.

  • They dream.

  • We test.

  • So the next great innovation that connects and secures the world, is realizedfaster

  • than ever.

Technology now connects everything, and everyone, everywhere.


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With Keysight, You Dream, We Test

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