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  • Welcome to urbanhow2do!

  • Today I’ll show you how to remove a ring that is stucked

  • using dental floss and a safety pin.

  • Take about 2 ½ feet of floss.

  • Line up the floss alongside of the ring.

  • Using the safety pin, push the floss under and through the underside of the ring.

  • Be careful not to poke yourself.

  • Once you see the floss, pull the floss through

  • so that youll have about 6 inches on the wrist side and 2 feet on the finger side.

  • Hold the 6 inside under your thumb to keep in place.

  • Wrap the first couple wraps close to the ring

  • The more stuck the ring, the more wraps and the closer the wraps are togetherthe better

  • Using a little bit of soap will also help.

  • Wind the floss tight.

  • At the end of the floss create a loop and tuck the end under the loop to secure it.

  • Grab the 6 inch end and pull towards the finger tip

  • and slowly unwind the floss

  • You will see the ring slowly locking down the finger

  • and eventually slide off

  • Thank you for watching this urbanhow2do video.

Welcome to urbanhow2do!


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指に引っかかってしまった指輪をDIYで外す方法 (How to Remove a Ring that is Stuck on your Finger DIY)

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