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  • We were hunters and foragers.

  • The frontier was everywhere.

  • We were bounded only by the earth,

  • and the ocean and the sky

  • the open road still softly calls.

  • Our little terricolous globe

  • is the madhouse of those hundred, thousands, millions of worlds.

  • We, who can not even put our own planetary home in order

  • driven with rivalries and hatreds,

  • Are we to venture out into space?

  • By the time were ready to settle even the nearest other planetary systems,

  • we will have changed.

  • The simple passage of so many generations would have changed us.

  • Necessity will have changed us.

  • Were inadaptable species.

  • It will not be we who reach of Alpha Centauri

  • and the other nearby stars.

  • It will be a species very like us

  • but with more of our strengths

  • and fewer of our weaknesses.

  • More confident, far-seeing,

  • Capable, and prudent.

  • For all our failings,

  • despite our limitations and foul abilities,

  • we humans are capable of greatness.

  • what new wonders undreamed of in our time

  • will we have wrought in another generation?

  • And another,

  • how far will our nomadic species have wondered by the end of the next century?

  • And the next millennium?

  • Our remote descendants, safely read on many worlds from the solar system

  • and beyond, would be unified.

  • By their common heritage.

  • By their regard for their home planet.

  • And by the knot that whatever life there may be,

  • the only humans in all the universe, come from earth.

  • They will gaze up and screen to find

  • the blue dot in their skies.

  • They will marvel the whole vulnerable, the repository of more potential, once was.

  • How perilous, our infancy,

  • How humble our beginnings.

  • How many rivers we had to cross

  • before we found our way?

We were hunters and foragers.


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サガン・シリーズ-フロンティアはどこにでもある (THE SAGAN SERIES - The Frontier Is Everywhere)

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