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  • Give it up next for Ellie Chu.

  • Chugga-chugga-Chu-Chu!

  • The good thing about being different in a town like this

  • is that no one expects you to be like them.

  • I'm 17.

  • I live in Squahamish with my dad.

  • I run a business,

  • writing essays for people.

  • I guess I just never thought

  • I'd need anyone else.

  • Hey, hold up.

  • Ten dollars for three pages.

  • No, I'm not trying to cheat.

  • -What's this? -A letter.

  • Maybe you can make me sound smart.

  • Dear Aster Flores, I'm in love with you.

  • These hallways are murder.

  • I'm Ellie Chu.

  • Yeah, I know.

  • You want a letter about love?

  • I'll write you a letter about love.

  • Hey! She wrote back.

  • We can do this. Ask her to hang out.

  • Come on, dude.

  • -You messaged me? -Yep.

  • Conversation is like ping-pong.

  • I hit one, and then you--

  • What the--

  • Oops.

  • -Where were you born? -In Squahamish.

  • What do you like about Squahamish?

  • I've never been anywhere else.

  • Me neither.

  • What do you like about Aster?

  • She's pretty and smart.

  • What else could I like about her?

  • I don't know, how her eyes look right into yours.

  • How you could live in an ocean of her thoughts,

  • and she really knows...

  • I'm so stupid.

  • I just meant--

  • You like Aster?

  • Hey, it would suck to have to pretend

  • to be not you your whole life.

  • -I gotta go. -No, wait.

  • Chu-Chu!

  • Who are you calling Chu-Chu?

  • What?

  • You know what it's like to finally meet

  • someone your age who gets you?

  • Love, it's not finding your perfect half.

  • It's the trying, and reaching, and failing.

  • Ellie seems sad.

  • No, you don't see her.

  • Who she is.

  • Who she could be.

Give it up next for Ellie Chu.


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