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  • Well I am very excited, they finally come up with a vaccine.

  • I feel the weight of it, that this is going to do something good for us and you know, that I'm ready for

  • it to start happening.

  • You know, I'm waiting to be on line to get my shot too.

  • All the way to the end please.

  • ...they don't sign for it because of the COVID. So they don't sign anything.

  • The biggest challenge has been, temperature requirements because it has to be kept at

  • ultra-cold temperature of negative 70 degree celsius or if you're transporting in refrigeration

  • we have a lot more monitoring for that because it's only good for so many hours, if the temperature

  • excursion happens.

  • And then, there is a lot of responsibility in terms of liability.

  • This vaccine has been very popular, so we have security protocols.

  • We are putting seals when they're transporting, we have cameras installed, specifically for this.

  • Alright, keep your arm relaxed.

  • Oh, just the needle.

  • All done! You're not even bleeding.

  • So my grandfather actually just passed away little less than two months ago from it.

  • So to be out here protecting other people's grandparents is really touching me personally,

  • like I really appreciate the opportunity and just so happy to be a part of it.

  • The staff members here, we have about two hundred and forty that we're doing.

  • We can get through usually with this many immunizers forty or fifty an hour.

  • At this facility specifically, we have over a hundred residents that are all room to room based.

  • So, that takes a little more time.

  • And then, have you ever had a reaction after receiving a vaccine in the past?

  • I can see how grateful they are and I'm just grateful and honored to be able to give them the vaccine.

  • For me, to be able to do it directly.

  • You know, the last patient I just did, she's like "I'm waiting for the vaccine".

  • I was like, "I'm here with the vaccine".

  • And she's like, "you're here with the vaccine?"

  • So, I'm part of the bigger movement of vaccinating basically America.

  • And that's it!

  • Well that's the easiest one that I ever had.

  • Well, I'm glad.

  • With hayfever I was...

  • They can't come and visit me and I can't go visit them.

  • But, oh gosh, it makes me mad.

  • Anyway, it really is hard and it's been harder for a lot of other people who have lost folks and so,

  • I haven't had that problem but it's awful.

  • So, I will mask myself anytime to prevent that from happening.

  • When I was a kid, everybody knew people who had somebody in their family that had polio.

  • Any vaccine, that prevents unnecessary pain and suffering is a good thing to have.

  • Hi, I'm just going to sanitize your arm real quick.

  • I am lucky that my son sometimes, he talks to me on Facebook.

  • On...

  • Facetime.

  • Facetime and my daughter calls me every night.

  • I know I can't touch them and see them but I just think the time will come, I hope.

  • I hope I'm still alive.

Well I am very excited, they finally come up with a vaccine.


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