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  • going down all right well i'm almost out  of air so all right hacker voice we're in

  • oh oh i'm with you um oh yep

  • maybe we should get rid of this yeah probably  just just maybe what do you think this is phil  

  • i don't know i think it's like a summoning circle  

  • it's made out of something that i've  never seen before can i break it  

  • i don't know i don't think so no it's definitely  not breaking maybe if i if i keep mining  

  • if i keep mining guys i think this is  like the blocks at the bottom of the world  

  • but how could they build blocks that can't be  broken how advanced was this civilization might  

  • be apparently pretty advanced because we don't  know what the [ __ ] it is dude they have all  

  • this like super advanced technology because they  didn't waste time figuring out how to make doors  

  • that's the only thing us the new the new survivors  of the world that's the only thing we inherited  

  • it's just good doors proper door placement  they were like we don't need those prop we  

  • know where we're going it's fine just place them  down wherever yeah like they they have like these  

  • like god apples that the crafting recipe has been  like lost to time unbreakable blocks they don't  

  • know how doors work what does that sound dumb  to me i thought i heard like a scribbling sound  

  • i hear it i hear what mob makes a scribbling  sound techno it's a villager a villager  

  • a survivor you think he's a survivor  what the heck why is there a villager  

  • where the hell is he hey i was gonna say  i have what mob makes a scribbling sound

  • someone's unblocked he's making notes he's making  a transcript of our whole conversation phil

  • you think he's above usthink he's above us above us  

  • yeah um let me go up this uh  staircase no i hear him uh

  • what the heck what wait what this is  orphan's parents oh this is the igloo

  • the igloo is this literally within 16 blocks of  that of that summoning circle it's been there  

  • this whole time oh my god literally in earshot  are you kidding me who the heck is dream xd  

  • why does why did he add an xd to his

  • name oh oh hey hey dream dream  if you're watching the stream  

  • dream we weren't going to open the portal put  it back put it back dream we were being cool  

  • we were being cool dream put it back it wasn't  gonna get opened ever there's no rules against  

  • looking at portal stream come on come on  don't be that way dream come on put it back  

  • put it back dream the lord come on dream come onwas gonna use it as like a living room table dream  

  • come on we actually went let's just break away  from character real quick we legit we're just  

  • gonna make it into a table because we didn't know  what it was as characters at least you can break  

  • one of the blocks but at least leave the other  blocks that way we can't even activate it come on  

  • we were literally just gonna make a  [ __ ] table we wanted a table dream  

  • it was gonna be our meeting room come on dream  come on put the blocks back come on come on  

  • don't be that way oh he's back he must  be from the from the society phil in the  

  • that is not what i meant that is not whatmeant dream dream come on give us a bone here  

  • don't be this way dream if you're watching uh  there's actually a way you can place them and  

  • you can if you place them incorrectly it  can't be opened oh that's true that's true  

  • you could just place them wrong and then you  could literally make a broken portal that way  

  • yeah if if you're watching dream uh  i don't know if you knew but if you  

  • uh place all the all the blocks for the portal  from in the middle it works but if you place  

  • them from outside like like like this if i just  like [ __ ] don't they all have to be like facing  

  • the same way if i was to just do like this if  i would watch if i was just to do this right  

  • and if i was just placing them from the outside  it would be fine it wouldn't light there you go  

  • it's weird there's like an incorrect way in the  correct way there you go thank you stream xd we  

  • app we're p's dream xd because we just wantedcool table um table restored i've suddenly lost  

  • memory of everything that happened in the last  five minutes canonically wow where are we whoa  

  • what is this is this some sort of summoning  circle let's try to break it with the pickaxe  

  • oh that's hilarious maybe we should i didn't think  dream would be like we could have killed him i  

  • guess like we literally none of us have like  anything to get in either like we're just not

  • all right we got our table phil this this can be  our meeting room i'm going to patch up the floor  

  • here a bit just so there isn't i mean this could  literally be the entrance for us into here all  

  • right now that dreams left quick quick i have  12 eyes of ender let's fight the ender dragon

  • let's get a bunch of elijah's and then distribute  them to everyone with 12 shulker boxes each and  

  • just ruin the server forever let's go let's go  short term content yeah hold on i'm getting banned  

  • from the server oh god oh god oh god jk jk you  see he he logs in his dream xd because dream and  

  • dream xd are actually separate beings all right  dream xd is like the god he dream xd is canonical  

  • access to creative mode while the regular dream  is just like some homeless teletubby that hey  

  • jk mmm i can't wait to watch the next manhunt  video when is that coming out they actually are  

  • i am the protector we guessed the lorophil we  can update the wikipedia update it right now

  • dream stan or something imagine naming yourself  after dream cringe cringe oh my god dude

  • gotta eat the god apple i gotta eat the guy good  good thing he hasn't got access to that busted  

  • sword listen listen i've read my creative mind  i've read a lot of mythology phil and nothing bad  

  • has ever happened from anger in the godspell  nothing bad ever happened to people that did  

  • that so we're fine we're fine let's  build our table let's build our table

  • i should probably get rid of the lava right uh  probably yeah i don't know i don't know about  

  • i mean we could if we want it back we could  just place it there later there we go easy fix  

  • uh right we can leave this lit up here this is  like it's gonna be like such a cool table i don't  

  • know what the [ __ ] these blocks do but they  look cool as hell yeah i can't break them we're  

  • gonna have an unbreakable table yeah the best  centerpiece for a table ever it's unbreakable dude  

  • exactly the table frame is gonna be it's gonna be  the strongest table in minecraft history all right

going down all right well i'm almost out  of air so all right hacker voice we're in


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