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  • How Can You Learn Languages with Netflix?

    Netflix で英語を学ぶにはどうしたらいいか?

  • As adults, we are great at learning languages with well-structured lessons.


  • We can make a lot of progress by taking classes, using flashcards, or learning with a comprehensive language-learning program like Ouino.

    授業に参加したり、単語帳を使ったり、Ouino のように隅々まで押さえた言語学習プログラムで勉強したりすれば進歩がはかどります。

  • But we often forget to reinforce everything we learn in our lessons by including the language in our lives in many other ways.


  • The most successful language learners will immerse themselves in any way they can.


  • Watching a lot of television is an excellent way to do so, but where can you find content in your target language?


  • One magic word: Netflix.

    そこで魔法の言葉:Netflix が出てくるんです。

  • In the last few years, Netflix has seen unprecedented growth.

    ここ数年で、Netflix は未曽有の成長を遂げています。

  • Netflix constantly releases an unbelievable amount of content; a total of 54 Netflix originals will debut in March 2018!

    コンスタントにものすごい量のコンテンツをリリースしていて、2018年3月だけで Netflix オリジナル作品は54作にも上ります!

  • That's an incredible amount of language-learning content to binge on!


  • Watching television shows and movies in the language you are learning is an awesome way to include the language in your life.


  • Netflix has an increasing number of foreign shows and lots of translations to help you out.

    Netflix には外国語の番組の数も増えてきていて、字幕も付いていますから助かります。

  • In this post, we will show you how to use Netflix to help you learn languages.

    今回は、どうやって Netflix を言語学習に役立てられるかをお見せしましょう。

  • Finding Material in Your New Language.


  • If you've tried to use television to learn languages in the past, you may have noticed that it's not always easy to find shows in your target language.


  • Even with Netflix, you can choose random titles, and click on the language icon to see if it's available in the language of your choice.

    Netflix でも、適当なタイトルを選んで言語アイコンをクリックして自分の勉強している言語に対応しているかどうかをチェックできますけど

  • Many of them are not, so this is not very practical.


  • Fortunately, there's a way that makes it really easy to find all the shows that are available in a given language, either as an original or a dubbed version.


  • Simply open your web browser and type the following in the address bar:

    ブラウザを開いて、 のアドレスバーを入力すればいいだけです。

  • Once you have logged in to your account, you'll see a language drop-down menu.


  • Simply choose your target language in the list of available languages.


  • Let's say you're learning German; all you have to do is select it in the drop-down menu and you'll see all the available German titles.


  • There are hundreds of titles available in many languages.


  • Let's take a look at the different ways you can use those titles.


  • Watching Dubbed Content You Have Already Seen in English.


  • As a beginner, it can be helpful to choose something that you have already seen in English to help you understand better.


  • Let's say you were of huge fan of "Stranger Things" and watched the whole series twice already.

    仮に「Stranger Things」の大ファンだとして、全シリーズをすでに2回観ているとしましょう。

  • Simply select it and it will start playing in your preferred language.


  • In order to change the language, just click on the language icon at the bottom, choose German, and Boom!


  • You can watch the whole series again in German and make awesome progress.


  • It can give you a reason to watch a series you love again, completely guilt free, because you are actually learning a language at the same time.


  • It can also be an excellent idea to watch your favorite childhood movies in your new language.


  • Family movies are often easier to understand, and since you know them by heart, it will be a breeze to follow along.


  • Using Foreign Subtitles When Watching in English.


  • This is not nearly as effective, but let's face it, you want to make the language part of your life, but you likely won't stop watching movies in English altogether.


  • Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and understand the movie without having to concentrate on every single line of dialogue.


  • But as you comfortably watch the movie in English, why not put the subtitles in your target language?


  • By doing so, you will often find your eyes wanting to read the subtitles as you hear the English equivalent.


  • So every time you watch something in English, turn on those foreign subtitles.


  • While it may not be the most effective method of learning, you will definitely learn a few words.


  • If you don't put them there, you will learn zero words in your new language.


  • It's a small change that doesn't require much effort on your part.


  • Using foreign subtitles when watching foreign material is also very effective, but unfortunately, you must find subtitles that are closed captions, which are quite rare.


  • If they are not closed captions, the audio and subtitles won't always match perfectly, and it will be quite confusing.


  • Find Material That Matches Your Current Skill Level.


  • Watching television to learn languages is great, but you must choose material that is appropriate for your current skill level.


  • If you're a beginner in your new language, there is really no point of watching a complicated political drama, especially if you haven't watched it before.


  • You'll likely just zone out, and you won't be able to focus in a way that can be productive.


  • If you're a beginner, why not choose material aimed at young children?


  • Sure, the story will be childish, but you'd be surprised by how much you can learn.


  • Learn to choose material that is slightly above your current skill level in the language.


  • However, if you can't even understand preschool shows, you might want to spend a bit more time studying the language before television can be truly effective for learning.


  • Learning a language is all about immersing yourself as much as possible, and watching Netflix shows is an excellent way to do so!


  • If you keep taking your lessons every day, and use Netflix to reinforce what you learn, you should see drastic improvements in your language skills in no time.

    毎日レッスンを続けて、学んだことを擦りこむために Netflix を使うのであれば、あっという間にスキルアップが実感できるでしょう。

  • Have fun watching awesome shows in your new language!


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How Can You Learn Languages with Netflix?

Netflix で英語を学ぶにはどうしたらいいか?

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