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We’ve dealt with a lot of heavy topics these last few weeks, Well casters.
For each of those painful experiences, the message has been the same.
You can heal and move on and be stronger.
Your lightning bolt scar can become a symbol of hope to others.
But when a relationship ends __, you lose someone that you love…
How do you transition from a place of pain to a place of healing?
Today Well casters, we’re gonna give you tips in capturing that all elusive golden snitch – closure.
Tip 1: Acknowledge your feelings, don’t run from them.
Maybe you feel wronged or mislead by someone you trusted.
Or you suffered some injustice in the hands of a total stranger.
Identify your feelings and give yourself permission to feel them.
Get mad if you’re mad.
Allow yourself to feel hurt if you’re feeling vulnerable.
Embrace your suffering.
And don’t try to reason your way through its causes or fixes.
Tip 2: let it out!
Bottled emotions are no good for anybody.
And either you’ve identified your anguish, release it.
Try venting to a close friend or scribble on your well caster and all, flesh yourself out of all the negative energy.
Express your positive emotion, too!
If your friends are moving away, take a moment to tell how much you’ll miss them.
We guarantee that this cathartic exercise will provide you with at least a little sense of relief, and it’ll get you have perspective.
Tip 3: give yourself time and space.
Be patient with yourself.
Recognize that just like the physical wound, emotional healing is a gradual process.
Do other things you love rather than just focusing on what’s lost.
Spend time with other people on your life positive influences.
These people will help build you back up.
Tip 4: Forgive.
And we mean, actively!
You might never receive that apology that you so-deserve.
But, you gotta release that burden that’s weighing you down.
Start by envisioning your future where you’ve let go of the tension that this situation caused.
Then, tie an action to your forgiveness.
Whether it’s donating painful objects and pictures or writing a private blog post about what happened.
Give the situation a formal resolution it never got.
So that’s it, Well casters.
These are our tips for getting you a few steps closer to closure.
Ha! It’s time for us here Well casters to take a summer hiatus
I know, I know, we’ve had some great times together this year but never fear, we’ll be back with season two in the fall.
Post comments below to tell us what you loved from season one and what you wanna see next season.
Email [email protected] for more information.
In the meantime, we hope that when you need help on an issue in the future, you can find a family member or an adult that you trust.
But hey! You can still visit this channel whenever you need us.
Haaa! Well that’s all for me today, Well casters!
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See you later!


Wellcast - How to Move On and Find Closure

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