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Street Fighter X Tekken came out earlier this year to some very mixed results. Many people
liked the streamlined two on two combat, but many others had some problems with it. For
one, the fighting felt geared towards amateurs instead of fans wanting to develop their skills.
And another problem was the fact that a lot of things were on the disk but could not be
accessed until you shelled out just a little more money for each. Well, Capcom is trying
again, this time on the Playstation Vita.
One thing that is nice is nearly everything from the console version has made it over,
with the addition of many DLC characters. All 38 characters are here, plus 5 exclusive
PS3 characters and then 12 more new characters including Blanka, Dudley, Bryan Fury, and
Jack-X. I mean, that’s a lot of characters. And many come with DLC additional costumes
from the get-go. The fighting is the same as the console version. It is two on two fighting,
where once one character gets KOed, the match is over. So choosing teams and managing health
is a must. And the gem system returns, love it or hate it. So if you were a fan of the
fighting the first time and you want a portable version, here you go. If you hated it, this
is not going to change anything.
But the Vita does have some interesting new features that make use of the Vita. For one,
you can map buttons and commands to different areas of the touch-screen so that fighting
can be simplified. It is pretty easy to do, and feels great just tapping away on your
opponent and seeing the damage get done. A problem I found though, is the mapping stays
on the one side. So if your opponent were to jump over you, it might mess with your
head a little bit having to tap on the other side of the action.
Another great feature is the multiplayer. Every good fighter wants to know how good
they are in comparison their peers. The Vita offers full online modes with battles, tournaments
and rankings. A real nice touch is you are not restricted to just Vitas. Instead you
can fight against someone playing on console. It’s great to add to the available players,
but someone with an arcade stick is going to save a serious advantage over the Vita.
In the end, Street Fighter X Tekken is a very solid port. There are tons of cool features
and a lot unlocked from the beginning, but maybe not enough to justify a second purchase,
unless you desperately need it for on the go.


CGRundertow STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

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