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審査済み この字幕は審査済みです
  • Don't jump to conclusions.


  • Just because you watch this video doesn't mean other people will.


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  • -Gosh, jump to conclusions!


  • Meaning of the English Idiom "Jump to Conclusions".

    英語のイディオム「Jump to Conclusions」の意味。

  • Also used: "Leap to conclusions" and "Jump to the wrong conclusions".

    "Leap to conclusions "や "Jump to the wrong conclusions "なども使われます。

  • To jump to conclusions means to quickly form an opinion before learning or considering all the facts;

    「 jump to conclusions」とは、すべての状況を知って検討する前に、素早く意見をまとめることを意味します。

  • to judge something before having all the facts;


  • to form an opinion about something before you have all the information or have considered all the evidence;


  • to make a decision before considering all the pros and cons;


  • or to guess the facts of a situation based on inadequate information.


  • Usage Notes.


  • "To jump to conclusions" has the connotation of forming a wrong opinion or making a bad decision because of being too hasty and not weighing all the facts and information.

    "To jump to conclusions "は、急ぎすぎて、すべての事実や情報を検討せずに、間違った意見を持ったり、誤った判断を下したりすることを意味しています。

  • Examples Of Use.


  • Don't jump to conclusions!"


  • "She may just be busy."


  • "Wait a day or so and she'll probably call you.”


  • You don't have to 'jump to conclusions' every time you have a sore throat.


  • "It could just be a minor cold.”


  • He had a skin cancer scare, so now every time he sees a spot on his skin he 'jumps to conclusions'.”


  • We can't 'jump to any conclusions,' but it looks like an indictment is on the horizon.”

    「"結論を急ぐ "ことはできませんが、告訴が起こりかけているようです。」

  • It's hard not to 'leap to conclusions' when someone is acting so suspicious.”


  • Let me tell you my side of the story before you 'leap to conclusions'.”


  • “I know I shouldn't 'jump to conclusions,' but you have to admit that he seems depressed again.”


  • Origin Of Idiom.


  • This idiom has been used since around 1700.


  • This idiom uses the word "jump" in the sense of 'to act in an impulsive way' as in to 'jump to someone's defense' or 'to omit or skip over something and pass to a further point or stage in a process.

    このイディオムでは、「jump to someone's defense」のように「衝動的に行動する」という意味で「jump」を使っています。また、「何かを省略したり、飛ばしたりして、プロセスの中のさらに先のポイントや段階にパスする」という意味で「jump」を使っているのです。

Don't jump to conclusions.


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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