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  • Hey guys came down here, welcome back to my channel today.


  • She's going to be a chilled out, sitting down talking video because I have a big announcement for you guys so we have to do, I am going to introduce you to our new family member, this is Henna, welcome to the family, you know she is a share, buy a new And we just got her about 10 days ago, I'm not going to go into full data on how we got her, but if you guys are interested, I can make a video about that on my vlog channel.


  • Sometimes all you are a big biting today, so of course she has our own instagram account.


  • So if you guys want to see her growing out, please follow her on there.


  • And because I don't want to span you guys with sugar in her videos, I made a Youtube channel just for her.


  • So if you guys want to subscribe to that she would really appreciate it, won't you?


  • Yeah eric and I have wanted to ship it you knew for a very long time now for about seven years and we finally thought now is a good time to get one.


  • She's okay.


  • She's a bit crazy.


  • She's a very good girl.


  • But she does have to ship a screen.


  • Uh huh screams whenever she doesn't get her way or if you do something that she doesn't like.

    Uh huhは、自分の思い通りにならなかったり、気に入らないことをしたりすると、すぐに叫ぶ。

  • So for example if you put a leash on her and talk a little bit, she screams, she does not like her movements being restricted.


  • So if the door is closed and she wants to go into that room, she'll scream.


  • But yeah, she just has a lot of personality which are, I love her so much, I've only had it for like 10 days but I'm in love.


  • What are you doing?


  • Trying to buy my hair?


  • Okay, I'm just gonna put you on my lap for now.


  • So eric and I are super excited to raise henna as part of our family and yeah, I'm just, I've just been so happy, like over the last couple of weeks I've been cleaning up so much pee and poo, but that is okay.


  • I signed up for this, so yeah, it's okay honey.


  • Yes, Yes.


  • A little girl.


  • You like hair?


  • Oh, you like my hair?


  • Okay, okay, I'm just going to put you outside so you can play for a bit and then you can come back later into the video.


  • Okay, so the reason ERic and I decided to get a ship, you know, well we've been wanting to get a dog for about seven years now, so eric knows I absolutely love dogs.


  • I've always grown up with dogs, so he knew from the very start when we were dating that if you were to date me, you also have to love dogs.


  • So we wanted originally to get a husky, but then we realized that a bit too big.


  • Um, and maybe a bit too much to handle.


  • And then we decided, how about let's get in Akita.


  • But then we quickly realized that, yeah, they are just as big as huskies and hard to handle.


  • So then we thought, oh, maybe a ship in it because it's like half the size of an Akita.


  • And yeah, we just really, really love how they are because we've actually spent a lot of time with shivered in news and okay, I'm just gonna say this now that if you are to get your own ship, please do your research beforehand because they are a lot to handle.


  • I've had dogs in the past and they were a lot easier to handle compared to, you know.


  • But besides that, she's just amazing and we love her so much.


  • So a ship owner is actually really difficult to get in Australia because it's only About 20 registered breeders.


  • So I decided to apply for a ship in the last year after our wedding.


  • So Eric and I got married in January 2020 last year, which I am still in shock at how lucky we were to be able to have a full normal wedding.


  • Like all of our friends were telling us that our wedding was the last time they ever traveled.


  • I just feel so, so, so, so lucky and so grateful that we were able to do all of that.


  • So after the wedding, pretty much Covid hit and lockdown happened.


  • And yeah, I knew from that point that unfortunately we weren't going to be able to travel anytime soon to be honest.


  • I thought that we would be able to travel maybe end of 2020 But by the looks of things, I don't think that we would be able to go anywhere until probably 2023 to be honest.


  • So yeah, I applied for a ship in it because, well I wasn't going to be traveling anywhere and the main reason why I didn't want to apply for a ship in there before was because I was literally going to Japan like every single month for work.


  • So I didn't want to get a puppy when I knew I was going to be traveling a lot.


  • So that is why I waited until we settled down.


  • So I thought after we got married that was like the perfect time.


  • So I applied last year and we're not going into too much detail because it's a long story.


  • Um yeah, I applied with one breeder and that didn't really go through it properly and then I contacted another one just very recently and I was able to jump the queue.


  • So I just feel so grateful because I know the queue for shipping news, there's like 1000 people for like every single breeder for their wait list.


  • So I was able to skip the queue and I got told that I was going to get a ship in like a few days.


  • So you know, was actually supposed to go to someone else, the person who was supposed to take her, they met her and said she was too timid and didn't want her anymore, which I'm actually really surprised about because she's not timid at all.


  • So when the person did not want her, the breeder contacted me and asked if I was interested and I was like, of course I am, because our first preference was actually a black and tan female, she begins.


  • So the reason why I wanted a female pop was because, well, I'm used to females, I've had misty and Yuki, Yuki is actually my family dog.


  • She's not my dog.


  • That is why she's not with me.


  • She lives with my family and they love her, She's very, very sport.


  • But yeah, I've never actually had a dog of my own.


  • So here is my first dog.


  • So when I got that email from the breeder, I immediately booked tickets to go back to Perth.


  • So yeah, because people tend to get very last minute.


  • Um yeah, it cost quite a bit, but at the same time I was like, look, I kind of want to go back to Perth anyway to see my family and friends.


  • So we went back to perform about 10 days we picked up, you know, and when she first met us, she was insane, she was so crazy.


  • We took her back to my parents and we stayed there for about a week so he and I got some time to play with Yuki and yeah, I just start Yuki was kind of like stand offish, but then after the second day they just could not stop playing with each other, which was great, Yuki was amazing, she would teach him away to pee and poo.


  • So she learned all of that super quickly whilst I was also in Perth, I also let him know, made a bunch of my friends pets, so she was able to get some early socialization and after about 10 days eric and I flew back to Sydney and Hannah was on the same flight as us when she got back here.


  • She was, I felt like she was a bit confused because this was a whole new environment.


  • So she was of course like marking everywhere.


  • But she's a lot better now.


  • She's been here for about 56 days now and she's been getting better every day.


  • We've been training her and we've also signed her up to puppy school.


  • She's also meeting my friendship in a in a few days.


  • So that's going to be very exciting.


  • Yeah.


  • So I'm just really really excited to start this new chapter and have a new member of the family with us.


  • So you guys might be wondering what's going to be happening with all my travels and stuff.


  • So obviously because of what's going on, I don't think that's going to be happening any time soon Because Australia is very slowly with vaccinations.


  • I don't expect to get a vaccine until next year to be honest.


  • So I don't think that we would be able to travel until at least 2023, which um, yeah, it sucks, but at the same time it's okay.


  • I've learned to deal with it like last year.


  • To be honest, I wasn't taking it very well and that's why I wasn't uploading that much on my main channel because well I planned all these Japan travel videos.


  • I filmed everything.


  • Couldn't upload them because, well no one's traveling and I don't want to encourage traveling or you can't even travel to Japan anyway.


  • So yeah, I just felt like there was no point uploading any of those videos, so I had to change everything all my content on this channel, which yeah, to be honest, I didn't take very well, but at the moment I feel like I'm in a really good place and I'm just really excited to start this new chapter with, you know?


  • So yeah, I feel like this year I'm going to try and upload more lifestyle content.


  • So if you guys have any videos you would like me to make, please let me know in the comment box down below.


  • But yeah, with the traveling stuff, I will still eventually upload them whenever we can travel.


  • So like maybe if I have some time I might go through my old Japan footage and see what other videos I can make because I know a lot of you guys miss the travel stuff, which I mean, I also miss it.


  • So yeah, we'll see.


  • Maybe I can upload snippets of those videos for you guys since we most likely can't travel for the next couple of years.


  • I thought that it would be a good time to finally get a dog cause I've always wanted one for the longest time and okay, like when the board is finally open again and we can travel.


  • I don't plan to go to Japan often anymore because I really want to settle down now just before I end this video, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me for so long and yeah, I know that last year I haven't been uploading as many videos as I usually would, but yeah, I feel like this year it's going to change, right?


  • It would change.


  • Yeah, for sure.


  • You know, mm you're sleepy, You are sleepy girl.

    You know, mm you're sleepy, You are sleepy girl.

  • She's a bit sleepy.


  • So yeah, once again guys, if you want to follow Hannah's journey, please follow her on instagram and also on Youtube.


  • So, uh, and if you guys haven't yet follow me on my vlog channel, which I will link down below because I will be uploading some vlogs when I picked up Hannah.


  • And also I have a gaming channel where I upload against an impact videos and also follow me on my own social media, which I will link down below as well.


  • And I will see you guys in the next video.


  • Bye guys.


  • You're gonna say, bye bye guys.


Hey guys came down here, welcome back to my channel today.



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