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  • Yo what’s good kids? Welcome back to Thug Notes. Today we reppin the

  • one percent with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  • Now Nick Carraway is a Ivy League white boy who rents a house in Long

  • Island next door to the pimpin crib of Jay Gatsby, a rich play boy with

  • dat mad Mitt Romney money.

  • Across the way, my boy Nick be chillinwith his cousin Daisy and

  • her man, Tom. Now what Daisy don’t know is that Tom got his self a

  • sexy ho on the side named Myrtle. Myrtle is married to some weak ass

  • punk named George who can’t please his woman.

  • One day while kickin it at Gatsby’s crib, Nick discovers that his

  • cousin Daisy used to be Gatsby’s main bitch.

  • He moved to Long Island in hopes that he might

  • get a crack at that ass again.

  • Anyway, all these rich white folks decide to take a trip to Manhattan together.

  • These fools arrive at the Plaza Hotel

  • where Daisy’s hubby Tom gets all crunk about Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship.

  • Gatsby and Tom get all up in eachothersgrills and

  • tell Daisy that she’s got to choose her man but this bitch just can’t

  • make up her mind!

  • Back in the hood, George straight up saysMyrtle, I know you been

  • acting a dirty skank.” Myrtle loses her shit with George and says “I

  • wouldn’t have to play you if you didn’t act like such a bitch.” So

  • Daisy be driving Gatsby’s car back to Long Island when dat crazy hoe

  • Myrtle just goes up and slings her ass in front of the car. Bam! She dead.

  • Daisy just keeps drivin Gatsby’s whip, gets the hell out of

  • dodge, and decides she’s done with Gtasby.

  • When Tom finds our about the murder, he goes up and tells George

  • that it was Gatsby who was driving the car.

  • Now George be thinking that it was Gatsby who

  • was Myrtle’s stud. So that boy George grabs himself a 9 and caps

  • Gatsby while he chillin in his pool. Then he dun ice himself. Damn.

  • After dealing with all this rich white boy angsty bulls***, Nick

  • decides he needs to get the hell out of New York and chill in the

  • mid west.

  • Let’s get right to it, homeboy. “Gatsbycan be considered a

  • criticism of the anti-Calvinistic image of the American dream.

  • America may have started as a land where homies always got each others

  • backs, But Fitzgerald’s America is full of back stabbin crackers that

  • make Gatsby’s romantic dream ridiculous. My boy Gatsby keeps it

  • real by stickin to his American ideals.

  • Like dat fool Minter

  • saysBecause of the beauty of his dream and the heroism of his

  • efforts to move beyond it, Gatsby can be made great

  • Check this motif son,: dreams vs. Reality. Gatsby has these big ass

  • delusions about the future with his bitch, Daisy.

  • Gatsby be thinkin

  • that you can repeat the past but my brother be straight trippin. Cuz on

  • the real, ain’t nobody can recover past time.

  • You can see that Fitzgerald embodies this motif in tiny details. For example, on page

  • 50 it’s revealed that Gatsby has a big ass stack of books, most of

  • which he’s never read. It’s like Gatsby be frontintrying to look

  • all intelligent and shit. But dat ain’t reality, B.

  • Yo, you ain’t know shit about Gatsby til you know about the

  • symbol of the green light. Some playas think the green light

  • symbolizes the fading optimism of Gatsby’s dream. At the beginning of

  • the book, the green light has a burning quality that gets Gatsby

  • all riled up about shackin up with his bitch. But by the end of this

  • book, it’s just another lame ass green light. There ain’t nothing

  • special bout it, just like his fake ass dreams.

  • Yo thanks for tuning in to Thug Notes. I hope yo bitch ass learned

  • something today. See you next time playa.

Yo what’s good kids? Welcome back to Thug Notes. Today we reppin the


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