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  • mhm.


  • I am staying at the treetop house here in Big Bear and I'm gonna show you what the Airbnb looks like.


  • Um I got here a couple of days ago, so now that I've kind of been here um can kind of give you the pros and cons of this Airbnb, but I will say that it is fantastic as far as location and also if you want to come here to see this, no, this is a perfect place to come and see snow, I'm gonna show you what the Airbnb looks like and this is called the treetop.


  • Mhm mm.

    Mhm mm.

  • Okay, so when you walk in immediately, you have this big open space and that it was the straight ahead the kitchen, but this is a living room and there are no shoes a lot in the house which is understandable, especially with the snow from outside, there is a place to hang up your coats, so they got some stuff hanging up there and then this is the couch and rest area.


  • I guess you could say they do have a fireplace.


  • I did not end up using it because you have to buy your own firewood and you also have to clean up afterwards and throw it away in the designated trash bin which is not on site.


  • So it's just a little bit of a pain so we didn't really want to mess with it.


  • Um so we didn't end up using it but it's a very lovely fireplace.


  • I love the style of, it's kind of old school looking.


  • There is a huge tv right here which we did watch some tv if you want to log into netflix or hulu or any of those um apps you have to use your own login.


  • So make sure you log out.


  • Usually when I stay at Airbnb s um the tv already has like a log in information you don't have to put in your own personal one.


  • So I don't know I didn't really wasn't a big fan of that but I did want to watch T.


  • V.


  • So I did log into one of my accounts.


  • I didn't make sure to log out last night because I couldn't see myself forgetting the day of.


  • But yeah just a little something that I never really came across at an Airbnb.


  • This is the first time where I had to put in my own information anyways moving along to the kitchen.


  • So there is a big dining room table with some benches.


  • Um Two chairs looks like this is like custom made to the way the legs are.


  • I did cook all of my meals here, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • So I did get good use of the kitchen.


  • There were some things that were great work.


  • So great and there were some things that were fantastic about the kitchen.


  • Um One, I love that, it was a gas stove, I did like the curing machine that worked great and there is a toaster um and the oven worked perfectly fine, the refrigerator is huge.


  • So let me kind of show you the, the fridge, there is my stuff already kind of cleaned it out because I am checking out today, but you know there's a nice big microwave stove and oven and Mhm.


  • Here are the plates.


  • Fulls, here's utensils, the pots and pans were down here, they did provide soap, dishwashing, soap and a new sponge.


  • There's some more stuff here with like ziploc bags and saran wrap utensils and then all the cups and mugs are up there.


  • So the one thing I didn't like about this kitchen was that the water never really got hot.


  • um I mean it would get extremely hot to where I couldn't use it, so then I had to use the cold water.


  • So never, so whenever I was washing everything, it's like such cold water.


  • Um It was not, I didn't like that, my hands are always freezing when I was washing the dishes, luckily I actually brought um some gloves, so if you are going to stay here and you're gonna be cooking a lot, I would probably recommend bring your own gloves because there is no dishwasher.


  • So you will have to hand wash all of your dishes.


  • And the rule here is you have to wash everything and put it away, put everything away upon checkout.


  • So you will be doing a lot of dishwashing here by hand if you're going to be cooking.


  • So that's one thing I wasn't really a big fan of because there was no dishwasher.


  • Um So I made I don't know, cooking kind of a pain to clean up afterwards.


  • Um Also I noticed that a lot of this stuff here was kind of broke or chipped, I don't know if you can tell all these wine glasses are chipped here.


  • Um And a lot of the dishes and pots and pans that I used, I had to wash them first before I used it because there was just like chunks of food on it, so whoever was staying here before probably didn't really clean up really well and they must not really check it.


  • So yeah, definitely clean your dishes and pots and pans and silverware before you use it, because that's what I did because I didn't want to.


  • Yeah, I just looked kind of dirty.


  • Um But yeah, but other than that, you know, the kitchen pretty much has everything also, they didn't have a really good, I couldn't find a cutting board so I ended up having to buy my own.


  • The next part is the bathroom, so here's the bathroom, it's nice and bright in the morning and lots of natural light coming in, so the shower was a little bit um I don't know how to say not comfortable.


  • Well wanda was nobody soap, so I had to go and buy my own body soap um and the showerhead was so huge um that at one point it actually twisted it and I was falling off and all this water was shooting everywhere.


  • I think this thing is just not tightened very well or it's just too big for this shower.


  • So yeah, that was a little bit of an issue that first night where the shower had just completely decided to come off and spew water everywhere.


  • The water also does not stay hot very long, so my husband would take a shower first and then I would wait an hour or two and then I would take a shower because yeah, the hot water doesn't run uh it last a while, but not long enough for two people if you want to, you want that steaming hot water, it doesn't last very long.


  • So if you are coming here with a group, definitely space out your time in between showers because the hot water does not last forever.


  • There are plenty of towels, plenty of toilet paper.


  • So that was a big plus because if you are staying here with a group, you know, everyone would want their own towels.


  • Um So yeah, there's some towels there, um washcloths also.


  • Um They didn't give us very much hand soap.


  • This was, there's barely any in there.


  • So yeah, something about, I don't know if it's their management, but they forgot body soap, they forgot to replenish their hand soap.


  • Um There's plenty of lotion now, so that was nice.

    あの 化粧水がたっぷり出るようになったので、良かったです。

  • There's no counter space.


  • So if you are planning on doing your makeup or anything, this is not a good place to do it because there's absolutely no where to put your stuff.


  • The outdoor space here is really nice.


  • So they could take you outside.


  • Mhm.


  • I'm not sure what that is that was here when I got here, but they do have a grill again.


  • If you do decide to use it, you will have to clean it up and put it back to the way it was, but it's a huge, huge patio here with a dining room to our bench table and benches.


  • And if you want at night you can put these lights on.


  • So I mean it's been snowing so we couldn't really enjoy it out here.


  • But I mean I love that the spaces here for when it's not snowing and it's a really lovely area and then you can go back here.


  • I kind of see the backyard.


  • Mhm.


  • And they did have this out here I guess if you want to um close this space right here, if you want your dog to run around out here, I wonder where she is.


  • So we oh there you are.


  • What are you doing babe checking out the front yard.


  • You wanna go check out the front yard.


  • Okay, so let's go check out the front yard real quick.


  • Here is the view at the front.


  • It's so so beautiful over here.


  • So we so we you know at night and this morning we would just walk down there kind of walk down the street and um yeah she really enjoys her walks here.


  • Um So yeah I'm taking her out for a walk here was very easy, she didn't mind being and pooping in the snow for the first time.


  • So yeah that was that was kind of um I was I was kind of worried about that and know she'd be able to relieve herself in the snow but she was fine.


  • So anyways I am now going to show you the upstairs, so when you walk up there is a room to the right in the room to left and then straight ahead is a half bath.


  • Okay so this is the half bath.


  • It is very very tiny in here but I'd rather have a half bath and no extra bath.


  • Especially since this place can fit a group of people and having just share one bathroom would probably be not so fun, but it's so small that the door actually will not open all the way it hits the toilet.


  • Um Many ways this is actually where I did my makeup in the morning because at least there was like a hook here and I can hang my toiletry bag and then do my makeup right here because there's again, no counter space.


  • And this way the sink is angled, everything just like slides down.


  • So every time I put something can we just keep falling?


  • So yeah, not the best place to do your makeup, but it's workable.


  • So this is the guess this would probably be called a master bedroom and on the listing, it said it was a king, but this is definitely not a king, it is a queen bed but it's comfortable.


  • Um That was a good thing.

    Um それは良かったですね。

  • You have a nice chair here um Get the view out here and you get there like a porch out here too if you want to enjoy you know coffee up here in the morning.


  • Also nice big tv here and then there is a mirror there.


  • So this is the other room that looks like a double and a single.


  • So that's a nice little area here to share a room.


  • And then you can stay outside the front there there's brian packing the car and then there's a tv in here and a full length mirror.


  • And I actually put all my toiletry stuff here and then was walking back and forth to the bathroom.


  • I didn't use this.


  • I don't even know it does open okay I actually didn't use these drawers but um so there wasn't a really easy outlet to use in here which it wasn't an issue for me because I didn't stay in this room.


  • It was kind of like an extra room but we kept our luggage but in this room there was we unplug this to plug our phones and anything else we need to charge.


  • We've checked out of the Airbnb throw away in trash.


  • And overall I would say this day was really nice.


  • There was plenty of things to do in the area.


  • We were close to the lake, we were close to sledding and hiking trails, so a lot of places um nearby if you aren't into skiing or snowboarding also we are near the summit as well.


  • So if you are into that it's very close to that as well.


  • But yeah, it's a very comfortable stay.


  • Um There are some things that I wish we're a little bit more um How do you say it was?


  • There's more attention to detail in the bed was pretty comfortable, although it wasn't a king.


  • Um It was a queen.


  • Were hoping it was a key because that's when it was advertised as, but it was it was still comfortable.


  • The patios huge if you want a barbecue.


  • Um We didn't barbecue just because it there was a huge snowstorm before we came.


  • So the patio was covered in snow, but so we really enjoyed all the snow on the patio is a nice Airbnb.


  • I wouldn't really categorize it as a plus I've stayed at Pluses and there was, I don't know to me, this was like a very average Airbnb, but it was still nice.


  • Um But anyways, that is my review.


  • I hope you like it.


  • If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.


  • Bye!





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