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  • Here's some amazing news: A new study found that after more than 35 million bike share

  • trips in the United States, nobody's died. Regular bike rides are much riskier: 21 of

  • every 100 million trips are fatal. Bikeshares are an increasingly popular way

  • of getting around: systems have popped up in dozens of cities in the past decade.

  • And fewer people get injured on bike shares tooIn DC, the collision rates are 35%

  • lower than for regular bikes So why would bike shares be safer? A few reasons.

  • First, they tend to be designed with safety in mind. So this was is a lot heavier, with

  • a low center of gravity. This one is a lot lighter. This one has really wide tires, this

  • one has thin tires. Which makes it hard to go very fast.

  • And that means you're less likely to topple over when you hit a bump or a pothole.

  • Plus, the bike's bright colors, flashing lights and upright seating make riders easier

  • to see. The second reason is about where bike shares

  • are. Bike share stations are mostly located in

  • dense, urban areas with lots of foot traffic. And drivers tend to be going more slowly.

  • They're already on the lookout for pedestrians So cyclists are safer.

  • And third, people who use bike share tend not to be very experienced cyclists.

  • And weirdly enough, this can be a good thing, because it means they're more cautious riders.

  • People are less likely to wear helmets. Now, that might make you think, oh, they're more

  • dangerous. But it actually could be the opposite. One study found that passing drivers stayed

  • further away from cyclists who didn't have a helmet.

  • But if you do get in a crash, wearing a helmet significantly lowers your odds of a head injury.

  • So if you have a helmet, it's a really good idea to wear one. But, if you don't, your

  • mom's not watching, and the odds, well, they are in your favor

  • So, there has been one death in Mexico and two in Canada

  • But, as the study notes, the injury rates there are way

  • lower for bike shares than for regular bike riding

Here's some amazing news: A new study found that after more than 35 million bike share


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Why you're safer on a bike share than a regular bike

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