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Hello everyone
Welcome to this class. This is the 10 most
often mispronounced words in the English language.
Maybe not the most mispronounced, but
certainly ones that are 'well' mispronounced
So some people also asked, what is this this?
This is a shotgun microphone. This thing
is a wind cover that doesn't really work. So,
now that we got that cleared up. Let's do the first example:
"information," information
common mispronunciation
is to say this 'i'
as een-formation
een-formation like a Spanish
speaking or even certain
European dialects like some Russian and maybe Turkish or whatever
Korean, Japanese, they would make this
'i' as a 'e' so een-formation
wrong eh 'eh'nformation
Let's do another example, "into"
not "ennto," "eento,"
wrong. 'eh' 'eh'nto
'ee' 'een'to eh
ee eh ee
information 'een'formation
information 'een'formation slight difference but it makes
a huge difference if you want to sound perfect so
next one: the "internet"
not 'een'ternet
'eh' 'eh'nternet. That was example 1
Let's erase. Teacher Phil why don't you use a whiteboard?
because I like blackboards because its
classic and the white board has a xylene
in um markers that smells funny
I don't like chalk. I don't like chalk. Well, make your own videos with your chalk.
example number 2: "in-
te-resting," didn't I just do that?
No, I did "into" and "Internet"
"interesting" in-tur-
in-tur-est-ing, not
'een'teresting, in-tur-est-ing
or "intrsting"
trst-ing "intrsting"
"intrsting", awesome. That's example 2. Let's do example 3, hurry teacher Phil hurry up. Okay fine. example 3 is
"This" that's the easy one. "this"
I always do the tongue biting because it's pretty hard to do it wrong when you're
doing this, this, not
okay here's the errors, common errors
would be "dis"
I like "dis" car. "des"
I like "des" cars 'ee,'
d, bad, bad, so
"this" tha tha tha
de de de de de de de
see this 2 totally different sound "de" bad
good. Next one: "that"
example number 4
"that" not "dat"
of if you're German,
"zat," German or Russian, "zat"
"zat" car, bad
good the the the "that"
th da th da
th za th za
Totally different sound. Awesome.
Example number 5: "the" the
not "duh" or "zee"
the or the
the cat
the internet
the internet, the cat
not "zee" Internet or "duh" internet
like French "duh" internet
"the" "the" cat
"the" internet awesome. Let's do number
6 number 6 is: "reply"
now common error
would be too much
like always saying "reeply" "reeply"
we can say reply
or "ruh-ply" "reeply"
or "ruh-ply"
I say
"ruh-ply" I think most people say "ruh-ply" Do you want to reply to the email?
"ruh-ply" "ruh-ply"
Ruh ruh run ruh-ply
excellent next one: "woman"
common error
I should stop erasing common error and just leave that
common errors would be: wo-
man or woo-man
man or woo-man
so the real the real one is
"wuh-man" "wuh-man"
not "wo-man" or "woo-man"
"zee woo-man" went to the store
I don't know what accent that is like a combination of
all different kinds. Congratulations teacher Phil you did a horrible job
now wuh-man, wuhman
the woman likes
the internet. "Duh wo-man likes
dee eenternet." Awesome. Next example
Can you guess? Probably not. Because we only have 10 words we're doing.
It is: "man"
man often
often not done correctly is
"mahn" "mahn"
man "mahn" man
"mahn" a "ah" a "ah"
bad good
next example is: signal
incorrectly done
"seeg-nal" or "seeg-nul" seeg-nul"
signal "seeg-nal" signal
different. Or for Vietnamese,
signal "sign-all"
wrong, signal "sign-all" signal
"sign-all" excellent, next example
and our last example is:
uhnl, professional
not "pro-fesh-
profesional, pro-feshion -al
"pro-fessshunel" professional
processional teacher Phil
is not very professional when he makes his videos
thank you for watching


10 Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words

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