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  • You guys totally rocked the Burberry show just now. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. This

  • is amazing. This is amazing. Hi. It looks like you're going to somebody

  • in here. Excuse me? This is called fashion anarchy,

  • alright? Fashion anarchy, my friend. You look scary... In a good way.

  • So how does it feel to be back in the Burberry family guys?

  • Always the best. Always the best. We're always Burbs sisters. Yeah, Burbs family for life.

  • That's how we met. That's basically how we met. That's how we met, on a Burberry shoot

  • so that's always good. Oh hi Poppy. Sorry.

  • What did you think of the collection? It's so pretty. Love the pastels. So gorgeous

  • with the floral. It's really, really nice and the skirts and the blouse. The dresses

  • were really nice as well. And the rose petals? How could you... Come on, that's so romantic.

  • Christopher is such a romantic. I love him. It wouldn't be romantic if we'd have slipped

  • on the rose petals, but we didn't so it's fine. It's always a surprise.

  • What's the best thing about your jobs? Each other. We met each other. That's it.

  • Each other. Friends. The love. And I want to quickly ask about kids in love

  • because we are so excited. We're kids in love! We're here. And you've

  • just been filming. How has that gone? It's gone great. It's gone really well. Yeah,

  • it's finished now so I've got a couple more movies coming up, which will be really fun

  • and yeah. So I'm going to start carrying on really. It's gonna be great.

You guys totally rocked the Burberry show just now. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. This


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カーラ・デルヴィーニュ、バーバリーのインタビューでバラクラバを着用LFWでのカーラとJourdan Dunn (Cara Delevingne wears balaclava during Burberry interview: Cara and Jourdan Dunn at LFW)

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