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  • Singaporean cuisine is indicative of the ethnic diversity of the culture of Singapore, as

  • a product of centuries of cultural interaction owing to Singapore's strategic location.

  • The food is influenced by the native Malay, the predominant Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan

  • and Western traditions since the founding of Singapore by the British in the 19th century.

  • Influences from other areas such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, and the Middle East

  • exist in local food culture as well.

  • This phenomenon makes the cuisine of Singapore a cultural attraction. Most prepared food

  • bought outside the home is eaten at hawker centres or food courts, rather than at actual

  • restaurants. These hawker centres are abundant and cheap, encouraging a large consumer base.

  • In Singapore, food is viewed as crucial to national identity and a unifying cultural

  • thread; Singaporean literature declares eating as a national pastime and food, a national

  • obsession. Food is a frequent topic of conversation among Singaporeans. People from different

  • communities often eat together, while being mindful of each other's culture and choose

  • food that is acceptable to all.

  • As Singapore is a small country with a high population density, land is a scarce resource

  • devoted to industrial and housing purposes. Most produce and food ingredients are imported,

  • although there is a small group of local farmers who produce some leafy vegetables, fruit,

  • poultry, and fish.

  • Singaporean cuisine has been promoted as an attraction for tourists by the Singapore Tourism

  • Board, as a major attraction alongside its shopping. The government organizes the Singapore

  • Food Festival in July to celebrate Singapore's cuisine. The multiculturalism of local food,

  • the ready availability of international cuisine and styles, and their wide range in prices

  • to fit all budgets at all times of the day and year helps create a "food paradise".

Singaporean cuisine is indicative of the ethnic diversity of the culture of Singapore, as


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シンガポールの料理とホーカーフード (Cuisine and Hawker Food of Singapore)

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