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A little girl sits on her own, sucking her thumb in the middle of a busy shopping centre
looking scared and alone. So would you stop to see if she is okay? Well, more than 600 people didn't.
As part of a TV experiment, two little girls were left alone on a London street to test
the public's reaction to lost children. In the space of an hour only one person stopped
to see if the child needed help - while 616 walked on by. Seven year old Uma was taken
to Victoria Place shopping centre, next to Victoria Station and left on her own, but
with tight security around her.
Right, we've got a whole cluster of people.
It's so hard to watch people just walk by and ignore her.
Her five year old sister Maya also takes part in the experiment, and at one stage a couple
find her in their path and simply walk either side without stopping.
Their mother, who watched on from a short distance away, says it was shocking and heartbreaking
to watch so many people ignore her children, when they were clearly alone and vulnerable.
The experiment has highlighted the fact that many people now feel too scared of other people's
perceptions to stop to help a young person, but the NSPCC says an adults responsibility
to protect a child should supersede these concerns. Little Girl Lost: A Police 5 special
airs on Tuesday, the 25th of March at 6.30pm on Channel 5.


Little Girl Lost: More than 600 people ignore lost child in TV experiment

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