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  • There is a disconnect. One thing rookie writers do all the time is get into these huge disconnects.

  • He'll say something like "I'm telling you thisö. In a worst-case scenario he'll say

  • something like "kick back and let me tell you a story". What he's actually saying is

  • that he will take five pages to get to the point. Even try and get to the point though,

  • you can confuse things as you're getting there. One of the best ways to write a great letter

  • is to start with the fundamental letter. One of the best letters you can write is a letter that's very conversational.

  • Like "Hi, my name is Ed, I'm selling blah, blah, blah. I understand you're in the market

  • for blah, blah, blah and we've been selling it for a long time. We're selling it at a

  • discount". Lay it out there. Very cold. Don't try to

  • write. The worst thing you can do is try to write. A bad letter won't do you any good

  • at all. A basic letter can actually make some fireworks go off. If you get down to writing

  • that basic stripped-down letter, and then you rely on a few words to get your point

  • across, maybe a few power wordsů A few phrases that keep the attention, that make your point,

  • you're going to be better off with a long flowery thing that has a lot of twists and

  • turns. One that says, in effect, "hang with me for

  • a minute, then I'll complete that thought. But first let me tell you about thisů" Try

  • to start off with a stripped-down basic thing, then you can build on that. You can flesh

  • it out. You can add bulletsů Take a sentence that's very long, break it down into a short

  • sentence and then itemize each of the points that you're trying to make.

  • In most sales situations, you're going to be doing the metaphorical equivalent of "it

  • does this, and this, and this". That's where bullets come in. You can start enumerating

  • things and then listing the benefits. You can add eye relief as well as making the

  • sales message stronger by adding bullets.

There is a disconnect. One thing rookie writers do all the time is get into these huge disconnects.


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ジョン・カールトン コピーライティング セールスレターの書き始め方 (John Carlton Copywriting How to Start Writing a Sales Letter)

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