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  • The people of Hong Kong

  • celebrate the police!

  • Because that's what they're told to do.

  • Welcome to China Uncensored, I'm Chris Chappell.

  • Remember Hong Kongthe city that  used to be at least somewhat free,  

  • until the Chinese Communist Party  pushed through a National Security Law?

  • Critics say [the law] effectively curtails  protest and freedom of speechChina  

  • has said it will return stability.”

  • I say, why not both? If the  people keep their heads down  

  • and their mouths shut, everything will be stable.

  • And it's about time the younger generation  learned how to behave like *this.*

  • China passed the Hong Kong  National Security Law on June 30,  

  • 2020. It was the Chinese Communist Party's  solution to more than a year of protests.

  • The law gives tremendous leeway for authorities  to crack down on dissent in Hong Kong.  

  • They can arbitrarily arrest anyone  using the National Security Law.

  • A lot of people have been concerned, because  “The law is a vague catchall, creating broadly  

  • worded crimes that could land people in jail  for playing a song or uttering a slogan.”

  • Yeah, it's too vague. And that's why  Hong Kong authorities are putting extra  

  • care into making sure the law can be properly  explained to the city's impressionable youth.

  • Let's learn about National Security.”

  • That's clever. If you make it into a cartoonit's much easier to get kids to pay attention.

  • The National Security Law,  

  • a national law, has been listed in Annex  III to the Basic Law according to Article  

  • 18 of the Basic Law and applied by way  of promulgation in the Hong Kong SAR.”

  • Wow, nevermind about getting kids to pay  attention. It's like Hong Kong authorities  

  • watched The Garfield Show , and asked themselves:  “Yes, but can we make a cartoon even worse?”

  • So yeah, the National Security cartoon  got cancelled after the pilot episode.  

  • But there are still plenty of ways for Hong Kong  authorities toeducatethe next generation.

  • In fact, since February this year, the school  curriculum across Hong Kong adjusted to ingrain  

  • the 4 criminalized acts: secession, subversionterrorism, and collusion with foreign forces.

  • And on April 15th, Hong Kong celebrated its very  first annual National Security Education Day

  • National Security Education Day was  introduced to Mainland China back in 2015. 

  • And now that Hong Kong has its own National  Security Law, they can celebrate, too.

  • At Hong Kong's Police College,  “groups of elementary school-aged  

  • children could enjoy a kind of  riot-police-theme-park experience.”

  • Complete with all your favorite rides!

  • Like: Hostile Foreign Forces of the Carribean.

  • Pepper Spray Mountain.

  • And It's a Small World That's Belonged  to China Since Ancient Times...After All.

  • OK, they didn't actually have rides. But you  *could* take a photo with your favorite mascot,  

  • the hero who solved the Hong Kong protests.

  • And what kind of theme park would  be complete without a parade?

  • Including your friendly  neighborhood goose-stepping police!

  • Hearts and minds, people. Hearts and minds...

  • is where they stab you with their bayonets.

  • And authorities also put on  this cute anti-terrorism drill.

  • Where police open fire without  warning, and shoot everybody.

  • And for a more hands-on experience, they  also let the kids play with hand grenades.

  • And rocket launchers.

  • It's the kind of healthy nationalist  education all parents want for their children.

  • Play with guns! Shoot your friends!

  • Don't play with subversive figurines, kids.

  • Play with the official police ones.

  • Ah, memories.

  • Sweet, stinging memories.

  • The future of Hong Kong is in good hands.

  • And now it's time for me to answer a question from  a member of the China Uncensored 50 Cent Armyfans  

  • who support the show through the  crowd funding website Patreon.

  • Greig Fawcett asks: “Why can't the west bring down the great  

  • firewall and what could the CCP do in responseIs the west too concerned about the big internet  

  • cables linking the world would be tampered  with by China, which would be a catastrophe?”

  • Good question, Greig. The West could bring  down the Great Firewall in just a few monthsif  

  • America's big tech companies got behind it. The  problem isn't the internet cables. It's that  

  • companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Apple  are all trying to get a share of the China market.  

  • Ultimately, they're all going to be screwed  by the CCP, but they just don't know it yet.

  • Instead, these companies could build tools that  help people in China and other dictatorships to  

  • subvert government firewalls. It would be  impossible to stop. People around the world  

  • would love these tech companies for promoting  freedom, instead of hating them for censoring  

  • speech in free countries. And they'd  make a lot more money that way, too.

  • If only they'd listen to my advice.

  • Instead of, you know, selling their  products to the Chinese police.

  • Thanks for your question, Greig.

  • Be like Greg, and support our show on Pledge a dollar  

  • or more per episode, and you'll also get some cool  perks, like me answering questions on the show.

  • Once again I'm Chris ChappellThanks for watching China Uncensored.

The people of Hong Kong


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National Security Education Day “Celebrated” in Hong Kong

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