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  • Hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question. We have

    こんにちは、Tarle speechのJenniferが発音の質問をしています。 私たちは

  • two words today: warrior a strong person or a fighter and worrier stressed or an

    今日は2つの言葉を紹介します: warrior(戦士)強い人、戦う人と、 worrier(心配性)ストレスを感じる人。

  • anxious person. Let's go ahead and take a look at our words. We have warrior and

    anxious person。 先に、私たちの言葉を見てみましょう。 私たちは、「戦士」と

  • worrier. So I'm going to give you the three syllable pronunciations first and


  • then I'm going to give you an option for warrior if you just want to say two


  • syllables. Let's start with the endings so both of these words are going

    syllables. まず、語尾から見てみましょう。

  • to end with E and then er so to do this you're going to say the e sound by


  • smiling and make that vowel nice and long. e And then move to the er and to

    笑顔で母音をきれいに長くする e そして、erに移行して

  • do this you are going to have square tense lips,


  • tip of your tongue is going to be either pointed down or flipped back, just don't


  • touch your teeth and don't let that tongue move. Make sure your lips are nice


  • and tense and that will avoid you from saying uh. All right so e-er e-er e-er

    と時制を決めておけば、あーと言わずに済みます。わかったから、e-er e-er e-er

  • Now what's the difference at the beginning, for warrior we are going to


  • start with war and to do that you're going to have puckered lips for that W


  • sound. And then you're going to move to the or by pulling the lips back into


  • that square tense shape. war war war For worrier we are going to say were and to

    war war war 心配性の人にはwereと言ってみたり

  • do that again you are going to pull your lips back but this is going to be a


  • little bit shorter. right. So we have war and were war and were. Another difference

    少し短くなりましたね。つまり、warとwere、warとwereです。 もうひとつの違い

  • is my lips are more puckered for the war and they are less puckered for the word


  • were were war were war were. Let's put that all

    は戦争だった戦争だった戦争だった。 そのすべてを入れよう

  • together warrior warrior warrior worrier worrier worrier. I do hear some people

    共に戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士戦士。 聞くところによると

  • say warrior and that is an acceptable pronunciation. So that's an option as


  • well so again we have warrior and worrier and now in a sentence. To be more

    さて、今回も「warrior」と「worry」が一つの文章になりました。 To be more

  • courageous the worrier envisioned herself as a warrior. So to be more

    心配性の人は、自分が戦士であることを想像していましたが、勇気がありました。 だから、より多くの人に

  • courageous the worrier envisioned herself as a warrior. Give it a try

    勇気のある人は、心配性の人は、自分を戦士として思い描いていました。 やってみよう

  • people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful


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Hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question. We have

こんにちは、Tarle speechのJenniferが発音の質問をしています。 私たちは


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WARRIOR & WORRIERの発音の仕方 - 英語の発音レッスン (How to Pronounce WARRIOR & WORRIER - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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