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  • About a million years ago, some intrepid black bears and ferrets crossed the Bering land

  • bridge into North America.

  • Over thousands of generations, the ferrets and bears on different continents became different

  • species, but they still look and act a lot alike.

  • But the American bear and the Asian ferret are thriving, while the Asian bear and American

  • ferret are at risk of extinction.

  • Both sets of cousins owe their uneven luck to another intrepid species – a hairless

  • ape that began its rapid spread some 60,000 years ago, eventually crossing the same land

  • bridge into North America.

  • As its numbers grew, many other species' numbers and habitats shrank.

  • And everywhere it went, the human's big brain helped it develop the tools for success, but

  • it also gave it all sorts of ideas about the new animals it came across.

  • In Asia, people wrongly came to think that bear bile helped cure common ailments and

  • started killing and imprisoning bears for their gallbladders, which they do to this

  • day.

  • Combined with habitat destruction, this has decimated the Asiatic black bear population,

  • which has been cut in half in the last three decades alone.

  • Meanwhile in America, many fewer people hunted bears after they decided that they were pretty

  • cute.

  • More recently, North Americans have also moved much more rapidly from farms to urban areas;

  • the new-growth forests that are popping up in their absence happen to be the perfect

  • habitat for bears.

  • In fact, it's so good that there are now about twice as many black bears roaming the

  • woods of North America as there were when European colonists first arrived 500 years

  • ago.

  • The North American ferrets haven't been so lucky.

  • Their primary food source, the prairie dog, was happy eating grass and breeding like crazy

  • until ranchersworried that there wouldn't be any nosh left for their cowsstarted

  • killing off the liddle fuzzy wuzzies.

  • With nothing to eat, the ferrets went extinct in the wild.

  • Asian ferrets, on the other hand, have a favorite food source that humans haven't killed off,

  • and they're still thriving in most parts of Europe and Asia.

  • So, it's not like the Asian ferret and the American bear are better species than their

  • close cousins - whatever that even means.

  • They just got lucky that humans in their part of the world didn't decide to ferret out

  • their favorite food or bear down on their bile.

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About a million years ago, some intrepid black bears and ferrets crossed the Bering land


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