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  • Hi, I'm Hailey Bieber and I am here to answer bazaars burning beauty questions.

    こんにちは、Hailey Bieberです。バザーで寄せられた美容に関する質問にお答えします。

  • Like I feel my most beautiful and a lot of different scenarios, a lot of the time for me, I find that when I have a moment where I feel really confident and I feel really beautiful is usually in the mundane moments of just t shirt, messy hair, no makeup, I'm not necessarily somebody who enjoys spending the time to do my hair and makeup.


  • I feel like I spent so many hours of my life in hair and makeup that like, I just don't really want to be bothered with it more times than not.


  • I probably would rather spend the time on my hair, but I do really like chill makeup look very natural, just glowy dewy I've learned with my face and my facial features that a lot of the time less is more, I would say sometimes, like I do wish I was a bit more adventurous with makeup, but I think I just get I mean, what's cool about this cover is that it is a beauty story and the makeup was really, really different in each shot.


  • And it felt very different for me and very out of my comfort zone, which I think was really cool with skin care.


  • I think my approach has changed there where I am really focused on like my skin barrier.


  • And I always want to look like I always joke about this and I say I want to look like a glazed doughnut before I go to bed.


  • If I don't look like a glazed doughnut, I don't want it.


  • I've learned a lot of beauty things from my mom.


  • I think one of the biggest things is that when I was young, she never ever let me get out of the bath or the shower without drenching my whole body and lotion.


  • She just wouldn't let it slide.


  • I mean, I always remember rummaging through my mom's beauty stuff.


  • I do remember this one time.


  • This is so sad.


  • Oh my gosh!


  • When I was a kid, she had like a really, really, really strong retinol retinoid cream and I didn't know that that's what it was.


  • And I had taken it and like, like lathered it on my face and I'm like a kid with kid baby soft, fresh skin and I burned and peeled so badly all over my face for days because I was using like, super, super, super strong retinal.


  • I learned my lesson with that for sure.


  • It was miserable.


  • Mhm And mm one beauty rule that I swear by is first of all, I love Carrie Mulligan.

    Mhm そして、私が誓っているmm一つの美のルールは、まず第一に、私はキャリー・マリガンが大好きです。

  • She's a queen one.


  • Beauty rule that I swear by is never sleeping with makeup on like, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever under any circumstance.


  • Get it off.


  • I look back for a lot of beauty inspiration and like, beauty vibe inspiration from, like the supermodels of the nineties old school kate moss.


  • Her just like no makeup on a beach somewhere with your, like, her with her pink hair.


  • Rihanna is a beauty icon to me as well.


  • I feel like she's legitimately one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen in my life, in person and not in person.


  • So that's where I get a lot of my beauty inspiration from.


  • Mhm.


  • Self care for me can be a lot of different things.


  • I think it can be taking a nice long bath, it can be spending time outside, it can be praying, it can be reading a book, staying off your phone, putting your phone in the dresser for the weekend.


  • I think it's whatever you feel like is feeding your soul.


  • I think my philosophy on beauty is, you know, we all have our own beauty in one way or another.


  • I think most of the time that comes from within as you grow and evolve as a person and when you're kind to people and um you love people, it does show on the outside as well.


  • I think when people are like, you're glowing, I think that's a that's like that's coming from the inside when people say that.


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah.


Hi, I'm Hailey Bieber and I am here to answer bazaars burning beauty questions.

こんにちは、Hailey Bieberです。バザーで寄せられた美容に関する質問にお答えします。


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