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  • Everyone has met a vegan who has been rude to them or who has been outrageous or just

  • angry or yelling at them.

  • This milk was stolen from mothers.

  • Mothers whose freedoms were taken from them!

  • So it's not surprising that someone like Anthony Bourdain will call vegans Hezbollah

  • Vee-jans or ve-jans or whatever they call themselves, they're the Hezbollah of, uh,

  • they share a lot similarities with dangerous fundamentalist groups.

  • because we just have this reputation.

  • Rightly so, because of how many of us act, of just being absolute fanatics.

  • Basically no one eats meat because they want animals to suffer.

  • No one goes to the grocery store and says, "Yeah, I love what Tyson does to this chicken.

  • That's what I'm going to support."

  • Chickens were punched, kicked, swung, and thrown by their fragile wings.

  • People eat meat because everyone around them eats meat.

  • It's what they're used to, it's what's familiar, it's what's easy and cheap.

  • KFC we're making value simple.

  • For a limited time get a 10-piece bucket for only $12.99!

  • What some friends and I decided is we should take a different approach.

  • Rather than just pushing veganism, we should take the opportunity that people

  • have to take one step that will have a profound impact on the number of animals suffering.

  • And that is to have them not eat chickens anymore.

  • No matter what they eat instead, if they cut out eating chickens they will remove the vast

  • majority of their support for factory farms.

  • The average American diet causes about 25 land animals to be factory farmed and slaughtered

  • every year.

  • If people just stopped eating chickens, they will spare 23 of those animals.

  • This is because it takes over 200 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one

  • steer or over 40 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one pig.

  • There have been a number of studies, the most recent by Faunalytics, that shows over 80%

  • of people who go vegetarian go back to eating animals, and almost half of the people surveyed

  • on this say that they go back because they can't stand the pressure to maintain a pure

  • diet.

  • So when we're pushing people to eat the way we eat

  • I was thinking of going vegan.

  • I'm a level 5 vegan, I won't eat anything that casts a shadow.

  • Wow.

  • we are driving people away.

  • We are driving people back to eating meat.

  • Around 2% of people are true vegetarians and about a .5% of the people in the United States

  • are vegan.

  • Now this is after decades of advocacy.

  • Peter Singer's book Animal Liberation came out in the 1970s.

  • PETA came around in 1980.

  • So groups and advocates have been at this for decades and yet the percentage of people

  • in the United States who are vegetarian has basically not changed at all.

  • So it really is time for us to reconsider our message, reconsider our advocacy, and

  • do something that has a chance of being different.

  • That has a chance of breaking through to the general public.

  • Because we know, just by looking at the graphs, just by looking at the numbers, that we have

  • been failures at this so far.

Everyone has met a vegan who has been rude to them or who has been outrageous or just


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Want to save animal lives without going veg? Stop eating chickens.

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