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  • hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today's words


  • are your the possessive pronoun and you're the contraction you do have a few

    are yourは所有代名詞、you'reは短縮形、you do have a fewです。

  • options here but I suggest if you're trying to be quicker with your


  • pronunciation you just learn these as both the same pronunciation so to say


  • these words correctly we're going to start with the Y sound to do this make


  • sure you do not do not touch your teeth with the tip of your tongue the tip of


  • your tongue is going to be pointed down away from the front teeth and your


  • tongue is actually going to be very high and flat in your mouth to do that if


  • this is difficult for you you can think about touching the outsides of the back


  • of the tongue to the insides of the top teeth y y y then you can move


  • to the or sound to do this pucker and then pull your lips back all the while


  • your tongue tip will be either pointed down or flipped back for that r your


  • your your I also hear people say you-er you-er you-er and that's an

    you-er you-er you-erと言う人もいますが、これは

  • option as well I personally say you're so that's how I'm teaching it today so


  • let's give it a try in a sentence your and your I think you said you're going

    文章の中で試してみましょう your と your I think you said you're going

  • to your interview correct give it a try I know people are going to notice the

    にしてみてはいかがでしょうか。 私は、人々がこのようなことに気づくと思います。

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  • Hawaiian iTunes and our classes at tarle speech thanks so much everyone

    ハワイのiTunesとTarle Speechでの授業、皆さん本当にありがとうございました。

hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today's words


AI 自動生成字幕

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