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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz. Welcome to the show.

    こんにちは、カール・アズスです。CNN 10 へようこそ。

  • First topic is inflationcould be good if you're trying to get swole at the gym.

    最初のテーマは「インフレ」です。ジムで筋肉質になりたいという願望があるなら、良いトピックです(inflation には膨張という意味もあるので)。

  • But is it good for the US economy?


  • Here's what this is all about: Inflation, simply put, is when prices go up and your money doesn't buy as much furniture, airplane tickets, used cars, rent, personal care items like soap.


  • All of this stuff got more expensive last month.

    これらのものはすべて、この 1 ヶ月で値上がりしています。

  • One reason is because gasoline prices have been skyrocketing.


  • They were 22 and a half percent higher this March than they were last March.

    今年の 3 月は、昨年の 3 月に比べて 22.5 %増加しました。

  • This is cutting into family budgets, the cost of living, and it makes it more expensive to ship the items we buy.


  • Coronavirus played a role.


  • When more people were staying home and businesses were shut down, demand for gasoline dropped, and so did its price.


  • With people getting back to the office, back to traveling, and businesses reopening, gas prices are shooting upward; supply and demand also factor in.


  • Many Americans are in the market for new homes, new bicycles, and many other goods.


  • But the inventory of these things is exceptionally low, so that's driving prices up.


  • But if they go up too much too fast, people may pull back on spending and buy less, and that can hurt the economy.


  • Since last year, America's bounce-back from COVID-related problems has been faster than many economists expected.


  • Some are neither surprised nor concerned that inflation would rise more than usual in early 2021, but others are concerned by how much it's rising by.


  • Many banking officials are comfortable with an inflation rate of two percent per year.

    多くの銀行関係者は、年率 2% のインフレ率に満足しています。

  • They believe this is just the right amount to keep price-rises moderate, but also to keep the economy growing.


  • But between March of last year and March of this year, consumer prices rose by 2.6 percent, more than half a percentage point higher than bankers' comfort zone.

    しかし、昨年 3 月から今年 3 月にかけて、個人消費の価格は 2.6% 上昇し、銀行が考えるコンフォートゾーンよりも半歩高い値となりました。

  • And the question is, is this temporary and likely to level out as the year goes on?


  • Or is this a sign of sustained inflation on the horizon?


  • No one knows the answer to that yet.


  • One thing economists do agree on is that the cost of goods will probably keep rising through the summer.


  • 10 second trivia: Which of these airlines is oldest?

    10 秒トリビア:次の航空会社の中で、最も長い歴史を持つのは?

  • Qantas, Aeroflot, Delta, or American.


  • These are listed in order of oldest to youngest, with Australia's Qantas having been founded in 1920.

    このリストは古いものから新しいものに基づいており、カンタス航空は 1920 年に設立されました。

  • We mentioned that plane tickets were on the rise.


  • The aviation industry is huge.


  • In a normal year, it accounts for more than five percent of America's gross domestic product.

    一般的には、アメリカの国内総生産の 5 %以上を占めています。

  • It took a tremendous hit during COVID.


  • In 2020, experts say international travel decreased more than 80 percent from 2019, and a dramatic drop in business bookings, which typically make more money for airlines than leisure bookings do, were a major reason why the industry lost billions of dollars last year.

    2020 年、専門家によると、海外旅行は 2019 年に比べて 80 %以上減少しており、一般的に航空会社にとってはレジャー旅行の予約よりも儲かるビジネス旅行の予約が急減したことが、昨年、業界が数十億ドルの損失を出した主な原因だといいます。

  • But there are signs that things are getting off the ground again, and that comes with challenges of its own.


  • The pressure is on at American Airlines' Tulsa maintenance base.


  • Here, crews are preparing planes to meet the new surge in air travel.


  • Hundreds of commercial airliners sat idle on taxiways, ramps, even runways through much of the pandemic.


  • Now, American says all of its planes will be flying again by the end of the month.


  • No easy task.


  • In many ways, we touch the aircraft as it have more maintenance requirements on the aircraft that has been in storage or is in storage than we do with the aircraft that's out actively flying


  • Roger Steels' team of mechanics are spending 1,000 hours to revive just one plane here.

    ロジャー・スティールのメカニックチームは、1 機の機体をメンテナンスするだけで 1000 時間を費やしました。

  • Part of their work includes federally mandated inspections of the Boeing 737.

    彼らの仕事の一部には、ボーイング 737 の検査が連邦政府から義務付けられています。

  • It is the world's most popular airlinerAmerican alone parked 300 of them because of the pandemic.

    世界で最も人気のある旅客機で、パンデミックの間にはアメリカ国内だけで 300 台が保管されていました。

  • The FAA said the plane sitting idle could cause a critical valve to fail, risking catastrophic dual engine power loss in flight.


  • All of the things that could have been negatively impacted by the fact that it was parked have been identified, they've been addressed, and they've been resolved.


  • And so I can assure you 110 percent that these aircrafts are safe and they're ready to fly.


  • Planes have been stored exclusively outside for months on end.


  • And crews came out here about every 10 days to check things like the engineuncover them and fire them up.

    そして、約 10 日ごとにクルーがここに来て、エンジンなどをチェックし、カバーを外して火を入れます。

  • Also check the landing gear, the tires, and the brakesthe crucial parts inside there.


  • About 100 planes were stored out here at the peak of the pandemic, but now there are only a few left.

    パンデミックのピーク時には約 100 機がここに保管されていましたが、今では数機しか残っていません。

  • The latest data shows airline travel closing in on a recoveryindustry groups say flights are now 75 percent full, up from 60 percent just last month.

    最新のデータによると、航空業界は回復に近づいており、業界団体の発表によると、フライトの満席率は先月と比べ、 60 %から 75 %に上昇しています。

  • New demand means the industry is bouncing back sooner than expected.


  • The newest jump in numbers means the Transportation Security Administration needs more help screening passengers.


  • It is hiring 6,000 new officers to staff checkpoints, holding hiring events nationwide.

    同部門では 6,000 人の新入社員を採用しており、全国で採用活動が行われています。

  • I think the big thing is, for us, we want to be prepared for the summer; we're clearly taking a lot of efforts to make sure that happens.


  • United Airlines just said it will hire new pilots for the first time in more than a year, while thousands of existing pilots will be coming back from pandemic time off.

    ユナイテッド航空は、1 年以上ぶりに新規のパイロットを採用すると発表したばかりですが、一方で、感染症の発生により休んでいた数千人の既存のパイロットも任務に復帰します。

  • A CNN review of aviation safety records from across the country uncovered flight crews reporting rusty skills and in-flight errors after returning to work.

    CNN が全国の航空安全記録を調べたところ、復職後のフライトクルーの技術の錆びつきや、機内でのミスが見つかりました。

  • American Airlines says its pilots will be thoroughly rechecked in classrooms and simulators before coming back on the job.


  • There's a lot of pent-up travel demand, and we really want to be there and be ready to move our customers to wherever they want to go, safely, efficiently, and make sure we're putting out a good product.


  • Pete Montaigne, CNN, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    オクラホマ州タルサから、CNN の Pete Montaigne でした。

  • A proliferation of plastic waste is a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic.


  • When oil prices crashed last year, it became cheaper for manufacturers to make new plastics than to recycle old ones.


  • With to-go order increasing, restaurants had to resort to plastic takeout containers instead of washable dishes.


  • And then there's the issue of personal protective equipment or PPE.


  • In the early days of COVID, the dire shortage of PPE left many frontline healthcare workers painfully vulnerable.

    パンデミックの初期段階では、PPE の深刻な不足により、多くの第一線の医療従事者が苦しんでいました。

  • But now, so many masks are made each year they could cover an area the size of Switzerland.


  • Now, everybody is aware of PPE and everybody in health care is being asked to use more PPE.

    現在、誰もが PPE の重要性を認識しており、医療関係者はより多くの PPE の使用を求められています。

  • [We] now have almost 70,000 people to potentially use a mask every single day.

    現在、毎日マスクを使用する可能性のある人は 7 万人近くいると言われています。

  • So the number of masks that we need, it went from 200 operating theaters and some patient floors to literally 70,000 a day.

    そのため、必要なマスクの数は、手術室や一部の病棟では 200 枚だったのが、1 日あたり 7 万枚になりました。

  • That's from one hospital, adding to an already staggering amount of plastic waste coming from our health care system.


  • We estimate that it's somewhere around a million tons per year of clean plasticsthat's a million tons per year in the USwe're estimating that's probably equivalent in Europe and probably about the same amount in Asia.

    綺麗なプラスチックは年間約 100 万トン、アメリカでは年間 100 万トン、ヨーロッパでもアジアでもおそらくそうであろうと推測しています。

  • Unfortunately, today, I would say probably the majority of it is still going to landfill.


  • Landfills, if we're lucky.


  • The Ocean Conservancy collected more than 100,000 pieces of PPE during the second half of 2020 alone, and that is just a tiny tip of a mountain of pandemic plastic waste.

    2020 年の下半期だけで、Ocean Conservancy 社は 10 万個以上の PPE を回収しましたが、これはプラスチック廃棄物の山の一角に過ぎません。

  • Manufacturers went into overdrive to produce billions of pieces of PPE.

    メーカーは何十億個もの PPE を生産するために努力しています。

  • Things like gloves, things like garments, things like masks, beard nets, hair covers, shoe covers.


  • Personal protective equipment has always been around, but due to COVID, it's now a monster waste stream.


  • Programs offered by private recycling companies like Terracycle are taking aim at the discarded consumer PPE, but contaminated materials like those coming from hospitals aren't as simple to process.

    Terracycle のような民間のリサイクル会社は、廃棄された一般消費者用の PPE を対象としていますが、病院からの廃棄物のような汚染されたものは、簡単には処分できません。

  • Waste coming from certain areas, like hospitals, does qualify as hazardous waste in many cases, which means legally, from a regulatory standpoint, we can't touch it.


  • Recyclers are afraid to take materials from hospitals because maybe there's a syringe in there, something came in that wasn't supposed to and they didn't catch it in time and they have to shut down their whole plant and disinfect everything.


  • Recycling is really third on the hierarchy when it comes to dealing with waste.


  • The first is to reduce the use of plastic, second is to reuse, and then the third is to recycle.

    1 つ目はプラスチックの使用を減らすこと、2 つ目は再利用すること、そして 3 つ目はリサイクルすることです。

  • It's a situation that has forced the Cleveland Clinic to rethink and look for other ways to reduce their plastic footprint.


  • "Best possible outcome" characterizes today's 10 out of 10 segment.

    「可能な限り最善の結果」が今日の 10 out of 10 です。

  • During a recent air show over the eastern coast of Florida, an engine failure caused a World War II era plane to go down.


  • The pilot maneuvered it near a beach and was somehow able to avoid people, softly ditched the aircraft into the water, and walkor wadeaway without any major injuries.


  • Not the kind of finale you want to be in.


  • But if you're flexing a Texan, jockeying a Mustang, fighting fire in a Spitfire, finding it hard to steer a Man, running out of air in a Corsair, or going fishing in a Swordfish, and you can be ginger with your Avenger,


  • there are worse things than beaching at a beach within reach of air assistance.


  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN 10. Hampshire High School in Romney, West Virginia, great to see you, thank you for subscribing on YouTube.

    CNN 10 のカール・アズスでした。 ウェストバージニア州ロムニーのハンプシャー高校です。皆さんにお会いできて嬉しいです。見てくださってありがとうございます。

  • We hope to see all o' y'all tomorrow.


Hi, I'm Carl Azuz. Welcome to the show.

こんにちは、カール・アズスです。CNN 10 へようこそ。

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