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  • - These expressions are the perfect way to avoid any awkward situations in starting a conversation with a stranger.


  • Let me share with you the best expressions to use when addressing a stranger in English.


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  • Hi, I'm Cherie from FluentU, and we want to help you learn English with real-world videos so that you can speak like a native.

    こんにちは、FluentU のシェリーです。私たちは、あなたがネイティブのように話せるようになるために、実際の映像を使って英語を学ぶお手伝いをしたいと思っています。

  • And today we're going to do that with six essential expressions to know when addressing strangers in English.

    今日はそのために、知らない人に英語で話しかけるときに知っておきたい 6 つの必須表現をご紹介します。

  • Number one, "Excuse me, sir."

    1番は、"Excuse me, sir"(失礼します)です。

  • This is the perfect polite expression to use to get a male stranger's attention.


  • - Excuse me, sir.


  • - Another way to get a male stranger's attention is to say, "Sorry, sir."

    - また、見知らぬ男性の注意を引くには、"Sorry, sir "(すみません)と言うのも良いでしょう。

  • I know that in English, we say sorry when we need to apologize or we did something wrong.

    英語では、謝罪する必要があるときや、何か悪いことをしたときに Sorry と言いますよね。

  • However, we also use the word sorry when we want to get a stranger's attention.

    しかし、私たちは、知らない人の注意を引きたいときにも Sorry という言葉を使うのです。

  • We use the word sir after the word sorry if we are getting the attention of a male.

    男性の注意を引こうとするなら、Sorry の後に sir という言葉を使います。

  • - Uncommonly good. - Sorry, sir.

    ー 尋常じゃないくらい良いですね。 ーすみません。

  • - Number three, "Excuse me, ma'am."

    ー 3番目、"Excuse me, ma'am"(失礼します)。

  • This is the correct greeting used to get a female stranger's attention.


  • - Excuse me, ma'am, this is mine.


  • - Another way to get a female stranger's attention is to say, you guessed it, "Sorry, ma'am."

    ーまた、見知らぬ女性の注意を引くには、もうおわかりでしょうが、"Sorry, ma'am "(すみません)と言うのもいいでしょう。

  • This is an alternative way to address a female stranger in English.


  • However, keep in mind that you usually refer to older women as ma'am, while younger women, you usually say miss.

    ただし、年上の女性には ma'am(マアム)、年下の女性には miss(ミス)と言うのが一般的であることを覚えておいてください。

  • Some women take offense for being called ma'am when they're younger.


  • So just make sure you keep that in mind.


  • - Excuse me, miss, wondering if you could help me.

    ー 失礼ですが、お嬢さん。私を助けてもらえませんか?

  • - While we're discussing strangers, let's briefly discuss how to greet pets.


  • Yes, pets, because if you're speaking to a stranger at a dog park, for example, you might also want to know how to address their puppy.


  • I mean, why not, right?


  • The two words you can use to address a stranger's pet are bud and buddy.

    見知らぬ人のペットに声をかけるときに使える言葉は、bud と buddy です。

  • Both of these words are used in the same context, so you can use both of them.


  • And they mean the same thing.


  • - Hey, buddy, you lost?

    - ヘイ、バディ、迷子かい?

  • - Learning all of these terms and formalities can be a bit tricky to catch onto or remember.


  • So to make things a little easier for you, we have included a free PDF version of this video for you to review and reference whenever you like.

    そこで、ここで紹介した内容をいつでもご覧いただけるように、この動画の無料の PDF 版をご用意しました。

  • Just click on the link in the description box below, and you're good to go.


  • This PDF also covers other information that we didn't mention in this video.

    この PDF には、この動画では触れなかったその他の情報も含まれています。

  • And if you're serious about learning real-life English that is actually authentic, press on that video right over there.


  • I promise you, you won't regret it.


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- These expressions are the perfect way to avoid any awkward situations in starting a conversation with a stranger.



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