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  • Mhm.


  • A small town in the mountains 100 kilometers north of Tokyo, Nikko has been a site of religious importance for over 1200 years.


  • It was developed by a buddhist monk as a site of mountain worship surrounding the three local sacred mountains, mountain anti mountain mohawk and mount Carol.


  • In the 1600s.


  • Nico became even more prominent when it was selected as the site of Nikko Tokyo Ghoul, which ranks among the most celebrated shrines in the country.


  • The shrine is dedicated to the spirit of one of the most important figures in Japanese history.


  • Tokugawa Ieyasu, who moved the political center in the early 1600s from kyoto to Edo today's Tokyo and founded the Tokugawa shogunate, which would control japan for over 250 years until the 18 sixties.


  • In the mountains behind the town centre of Nico lies the Kuniko region, which is part of the Nikko National Park, a beautiful mountainous landscape of lakes, forests, marshlands, waterfalls and hot springs.


  • During the month of october, Nico turns into one of the country's most beautiful spots with spectacular autumn colours.


  • Probably Nico's most famous local specialty is Uber or tofu skin, the thin layer of tofu that forms when boiling soy milk, often sold in its dried form.


  • Uber has long been used by the local monks as a high protein vegetarian food that can be easily stored during the areas.


  • Long winters.


  • Nico is most easily reached by director of the railway trains from Asakusa station in Tokyo, but it can also be reached by JR via Utsunomiya.


  • While it is possible to fit in as a day trip, an overnight trip is recommended to see both the shrines and temples in the town and the natural attractions in the area.


  • Public transportation inside Nico is also excellent.


  • Thanks to a convenient bus network and various easy to use.


  • Passes are available for visiting tourists with many historical sites and lots of beautiful scenery to explore.


  • Here are our top five recommendations around Nikko Mhm Number five Tamazawa Imperial Villa, one of the areas lesser known spots.

    日光周辺のおすすめスポットをご紹介します Mhm 第5位 玉沢御用邸 あまり知られていないスポットです。

  • This former summer residence was constructed in 18 99 as a retreat for the imperial family, not far from Nikko shrines and temples.


  • It is one of the largest wooden villas in Japan and is an intriguing blend of traditional japanese and western elements.


  • Today, the villa serves as a museum and memorial park and is well equipped with multi lingual displays for visitors exploring its 106 different rooms.


  • Besides the mansion's interior, visitors can enjoy a Japanese style garden where a 400 year old weeping cherry tree blossom spectacularly around mid april and maple trees display vibrant colors, usually around late october and early november.


  • Number four Kegan Falls, one of several spectacular waterfalls in the Okanagan area.

    4番のKegan Fallsは、オカナガン地域にいくつかある壮大な滝の一つです。

  • The 100 m tall kegan falls makes it onto Japan's top three.


  • Besides the Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture and who?


  • Kuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture.


  • The kegan Falls can be seen from multiple perspectives from a free observation deck overlooking the falls.


  • From a paid platform with three different decks accessed via 100 m elevator at the base of the falls and from the more distant Akechi Dia observation deck.


  • This is accessed by rope way and offers spectacular views of the falls lake, choose energy, coal and the surrounding landscape.


  • In winter, the waterfall sometimes freezes solid, which makes for a truly spectacular view.


  • Number three Central Sahara hiking course, Nico has a great many beautiful hiking trails and one of the most rewarding is the central Sahara hiking course, connecting the reuse a waterfall near the shores of lake choosing Geico with the town of Yumoto.

    第3位 中央サハラのハイキングコース ニコには美しいハイキングコースが数多くありますが、その中でも最も見応えのあるコースのひとつが、ガイコ湖畔にある滝のリユースと湯本の町を結ぶ中央サハラのハイキングコースです。

  • Onsen via the central Sahara marshland, the roughly six kilometer walk takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete and requires no advanced hiking skills.


  • Although proper hiking shoes are definitely a good idea, it is also possible to walk shorter sections of the trail by using the bus, which serves multiple stops along the hiking trail.


  • The trail starts at the Ryuzo or Dragon Head waterfall, said to resemble the head of a dragon, and continues through the beautiful central Sahara marshland on a raised wooden path to protect the environment.


  • In winter when there is snow, adventurous travelers can explore the marshland on snowshoes or cross country skis available for rent at a couple of rest houses at the samba matsu parking lot.


  • Another highlight along the trail is the youth hockey or hot water waterfall.


  • Whether Yukawa or Hot Water River plunges down a 70 metre drop shortly after flowing out of lake unical meaning hot water lake.


  • Note that none of these bodies of water are actually hot but tired hikers will find several hot spring sources at Yumoto Onsen, the small hot spring town at the end of the trail number to Reno ji Temple Rin Nagy is the oldest and most important temple Nico, founded by the monk who discovered Nico in the eighth century.

    しかし、疲れたハイカーは、湯本温泉でいくつかの温泉を見つけることができます。湯本温泉は、Renoji Templeへのトレイル番号の最後にある小さな温泉街で、Rin Nagyは、8世紀にニコを発見した僧侶によって設立された、最も古くて重要なニコ寺院です。

  • It is devoted to the area's three sacred mountains, which in the temple's main hall are represented by three gold lacquered wooden statues of an amiga buddha and two cannon bodhisattva.


  • Don't miss the temple's garden show U.


  • N.


  • Located across from Rin Nagy's main hall, the beautiful garden features a central pond and can be enjoyed from a circular walking path with its many maple trees standing photogenic lee around the pond, the garden is a popular site for viewing autumn colours typically from around late october to early november.

    Rin Nagyのメインホールの向かい側に位置するこの美しい庭園は、中央に池があり、池の周りにはフォトジェニックなカエデの木が立ち並び、円形の遊歩道から楽しむことができます。

  • Number one, Tortuga Japan's most opulent shrine, Nikko Tokyo ghoul is devoted to the spirit of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan from 16 oh 3 to 18 68.

    1位、トルトゥーガ 日本で最も豪華な神社である日光東京照葉樹林には、徳川幕府の創始者である徳川家康の霊が祀られています(16 Oh 3~18 68年)。

  • E.


  • ASU had over 20 Children and was succeeded by his son.


  • He data when his son er Mitsu became the third Tokugawa shotgun, he built this beautiful shrine as a mortally um to his grandfather, covering many of its buildings in colorful and exquisitely detailed carvings that can still be seen today.


  • When entering the shrine grounds, visitors first encounter a group of store houses whose elaborate decorations include a famous image of the three wise monkeys, Mesereau Kick Azzaro and Lazaro who see here and speak no evil.


  • Close by is the carving of the Susan Ozo or imagined elephants carved by an artist who had famously never seen one in real life.


  • Visitors will then pass through the your name on gate, possibly Japan's most heavily decorated structure, displaying hundreds of colorful carvings.


  • Past the, your Memon visitors will encounter the shrine's main buildings consisting of the prayer hall connected to the main hall where the shrines, deities reside.


  • Yeah.


  • Note that besides Giosue to more of Japan's most influential leaders, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and minimal to your items are also enshrined here beyond the main halls.


  • A flight of stairs lead to further up the forested slope to er Sues mausoleum before climbing up the stairs.

    階段を上る前に、森の斜面をさらに上ってer Suesの霊廟に向かう。

  • Don't miss the small but highly popular carving of the sleeping cat or memory nickel above a gate.


  • On the gates opposite side is another carving of a sparrow.


  • Together.


  • They are thought to symbolize the harmony of the Tokugawa government.


  • The path up to the mausoleum takes about five minutes after which visitors will meet the relatively subtle and austere yet dignified structure.


  • The torso goo shrine can get very busy for those who don't like crowds.


  • Note that to you in the mausoleum of ers grandson.


  • Here Mitsu is just a short walk away out of modesty.


  • This was built in a slightly less grand way than Toshoku but is still spectacular and comes with less crowds.


  • Yeah, we hope this top five list gives you a good place to start when planning your trip to Nikko for more information or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now or head over to Japan guide dot com.


  • Your comprehensive, up to date travel guide Firsthand from Japan.

    あなたの包括的で最新の旅行ガイド 日本からのファーストハンド。



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