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  • Future technologies such as bio or blockchain are proposed and presented.

    これからのテクノロジー バイオとかブロックチェーンですとか

  • I think we will see these come to fruition over decades.

    いろいろと提案されて 提起されていて

  • Nobody knows whether it will be shaped as microcomputers or something else.

    それがこれから何十年かかって 落ちていくと思うんですけど

  • Are there any yet unknown technologies you think would be fun to see?


  • Good question.

    まだちょっとどうなるか ものになるかどうかわからない

  • Microcomputers have the potential to suddenly go in interesting directions.

    例えば量子コンピューターみたいな テクノロジーとかあると思うんですが

  • Let me think what I've seen at MIT.


  • Well, it is probably the human body.

    これまだ分からないけど おもしろいんじゃない?」みたいな

  • The extension of mind and body.


  • Integration between man and machine will really evolve.


  • So, one is the timing of these physical and mental extensions.

    面白い方向に突然いく可能性は 僕はあると思うんですけども

  • Another is a potential dramatic increase in lifespans.

    今MITで見ているので 何が一番おもしろいかなあ…

  • Long life would break or change social systems.


  • This could happen very suddenly.


  • This is not a technology like a blockchain,

    人間と機械の融合が 結構起きてくると思うんですよね

  • but each may completely change economic systems like capitalism.

    そういう拡張 脳の拡張とかそういうのが

  • Michael Pollan's latest book talks about psychedelics for example.

    どういうタイミングでくるかと いうのが1個

  • We have spiritualism and people's actions.


  • Environmental issues may even change suddenly.

    寿命がものすごく伸びちゃう可能性が あるんですよね

  • The old world believes in things such as the value of money.

    そうするとかなり社会の いろんなシステムが壊れたり

  • All that may change.


  • Wow. Thank you so much.


  • We will take some pictures.

    突然来る可能性が あると思うんですよね

  • What about a Wired paper edition?


  • Will there be one?


  • One is set for November.

    今の経済システム キャピタリズムと言われているものが

  • We are tentatively looking at Kevin Kelly's New Economy 2018.


  • We will see what happens there.

    例えばマイケル・ポーランの 一番最近の本も

  • It follows trends from the 1990s.


  • It does seem many are trying to move away from capitalism.


  • This is also seen as a type of new economy.


  • We ask how this integration looks.

    環境問題とかも含めて 突然変異が起きて

  • We engage these core themes.


  • I hope we can find an approach for the success of Wired therein.

    おじさん達が信じている お金の価値が

Future technologies such as bio or blockchain are proposed and presented.

これからのテクノロジー バイオとかブロックチェーンですとか


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テクノロジーが拡張する私たちの未来とは? | NEXT TECHNOLOGY and ENHANCEMENT | GET WIRED | Ep7 (テクノロジーが拡張する私たちの未来とは? | NEXT TECHNOLOGY and ENHANCEMENT | GET WIRED | Ep7)

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