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  • You know what's the worst part about being sick?

  • I mean besides the aches and chills and stuffy nose?

  • Taking medicine.

  • Seriously, a spoonful of sugar doesn't do anything.

  • Why isn't there a better way to take medicine?

  • Hey everyone Julia here for DNews

  • But what if there was a way to deliver drugs into your body, molecule by molecule.

  • Well, scientists are working on it.

  • A new device, created by a team in Sweden could inject medicine directly into the spine

  • using just 1% of the dose typical drug delivery methods use.

  • The device works like an ion pump, which sends out the medicine one molecule at a time.

  • The research, published in the journal Science, reduced pain in rats by releasing GABA, a

  • pain-reducing chemical the body naturally produces, directly into the spine.

  • While the technology is still at least five to ten years away for use in humans, it has

  • the potential to change the way we take medicine.

  • A lot of our current drug-delivery strategies have been around since ancient times.

  • People in ancient cultures soaked herbs in water making tea, others inhale smoke particles

  • from the burning of medicinal plants.

  • Ancient Persian practitioners sniffed or snuffed medicine directly into the nose.

  • The nose is filled with blood vessels, covered by only a thin membrane, so it's an easy

  • place to get drugs into the bloodstream.

  • A method we still use today, from decongestants to vaccines, nasal delivery is quick and easy.

  • Pills are pretty ancient too.

  • The first pill poppers date back to Ancient Egypt, where plants, ground into powders were

  • mixed with honey, clay, or dough or other things then rolled into little balls.

  • Ancient romans made long strings of clay which they chopped up into little discs, like making

  • cookies with a cookie cutter.

  • Some form of pill making like this existed for centuries.

  • Then in the 1800s, pills became coated in sugar or gelatin.

  • In 1834 a French drug manufacturer invented the soft gel pill, where gelatin molds are

  • injected with oils or medicine dissolved in oils.

  • Then a few years later in 1847, an English drug manufacturer James Murdock invented the

  • two piece capsule, which is filled with powder or pellets.

  • You know those 24 hour pills, or time-release pills?

  • They were developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and use the GI tract to release

  • a drug over time.

  • Basically the pills are covered what's called an enteric coating, that dissolves only under

  • certain acidic conditions..

  • And different places in your GI tract have different acidity levels, so as the pill moves

  • through your guts, it releases doses depending on the different levels.

  • So it might be able to get through the highly acidic stomach, but dissolves in the less

  • acidic small intestine.

  • Controlled delivery systems like implants started to hit the scene in the past few decades.

  • These devices can deliver doses of medicine for a really long time, like over the course

  • of a few years.

  • The most popular of these include some forms of birth control like the IUD or the implant

  • that goes in your arm.

  • The Norplant® system, the one that goes in your arm, was introduced in the 1980s.

  • It works because the hormone is wrapped in silicone capsules.

  • And it takes awhile for the hormone to slowly diffuse through the silicone coating, like

  • three years.

  • But because the silicone doesn't biodegrade in the body, it has to be taken out when it's

  • finished.

  • And those advances were really within the last 30 years.

  • I can't wait to see the medicine of the future.

  • But for now, it seems the best way to get your medicine, is to take a chill pill.

  • Do you ever have trouble taking your pills?

  • Joe Bereta shows you the best way to swallow them, in this video.

  • What's your favorite way to take medicine? or least favorite, cough syrup.. yuck.

  • Let us know down in the comments.

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You know what's the worst part about being sick?


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Did Scientists Invent A Better Way To Take Drugs?

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