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  • Bill Gates is on another cover today and  this is the cover of his very own book.

  • It's Gates' vision of what  the next 20 years will bring.

  • It's called The Road Ahead. Ladies and  gentlemen, please welcome Bill Gates. Bill.

  • I think if I'd known how much time it would take  to write a book, I might not have done a book.

  • This 1995 book predicts a lot of changes driven by  technology and mostly I got a lot of things right.

  • What did you get right?

  • The internet would become more available.

  • "The global interactive network  will transform our culture  

  • as dramatically as Gutenberg's  press did the Middle Ages."

  • You'll have electronic mail, you'll have video  conferencing, so you can work out of your house.

  • The basic revolution that everything's  connected and how that's changed our world,

  • that really did come true.

  • Once you have this small wallet PC, it will  replace almost everything you carry today.

  • What I called the wallet PC talked about  what's become the miracle of the cell phone.

  • The pictures of your kids, it will store  thousands and thousands of them for you.

  • That I got right.

  • What did you get wrong?

  • A public kiosk where you can do  all these digital interactions.

  • "If you aren't carrying a wallet PC, you'll still  have access to the interactive network at kiosks."

  • From this device we could do video conferencing  with somebody at a public phone booth.

  • These terminals will be everywhere.

  • The only kiosk we really have left is the ATM.

  • Now that's going to go away, too.

  • What did you leave out?

  • One thing that's not here at all  is anything about climate change.

  • In fact, I have a whole book titled  How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

  • that really goes into the steps we  need to take if we don't act soon.

  • Looking back, I think we can all say that  the PC industry has come a long ways,

  • but it's really nothing compared  to what's going to happen here.

  • The book is called The Road Ahead.

Bill Gates is on another cover today and  this is the cover of his very own book.


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The Road Ahead, 25 years later

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