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  • [What is Clubhouse?]

    [ Clubhouse (クラブハウス)って何? ]

  • In this video, we're going to go over the APP clubhouse.

    この動画では、アプリの『Clubhouse 』について解説します。

  • We'll explain how to join and how the APP works.

    Clubhouse への参加方法と、アプリの仕組みをお教えしますね。

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  • [How to join?]

    [ 参加方法は? ]

  • Clubhouse is invite-only, meaning that anyone who wants to join has to be brought in by someone who already has an account.

    Clubhouse は招待制なので、参加したい人は、すでにアカウントを持っている人に招待してもらわなければなりません。

  • If you don't have an invitation, you can still download the app and put your name on a waiting list.


  • But there's no guarantee you'll be given access.


  • It's currently only available on iOS.

    現在は iOS でのみ利用可能です。

  • [How Clubhouse works]

    [ Clubhouse の仕組み ]

  • Clubhouse is a social media platform where people can meet up to host, listen to and join live audio conversations called rooms.

    Clubhouse は、ソーシャルメディアプラットフォームの 1 つで、利用者が「ルーム」と呼ばれるところで、リアルタイムで会話の音声を配信したり、聴いたり、会話に参加したりすることができます。

  • Unlike other platforms, Clubhouse is audio-only, so you won't find any videos, text or photos here.

    他のソーシャルメディアとは違い、Clubhouse は 音声のみなので、動画や文、写真などはありません。

  • On Clubhouse, you create a handle and profile, which people can follow.


  • You can choose to follow as many other accounts as you like to stay updated on what rooms they're hosting.


  • On the home page, you'll find the hallway, which is your main page made up of live dropping audio rooms that you can join and leave for free at any time.


  • Join a room by tapping on it, and you'll immediately start listening live.

    (表示されている) ルームをタップして参加すれば、すぐにリアルタイムでの視聴ができます。

  • You can also host your own public or private room by setting one up here.


  • There are always dozens of conversations happening at the same time in Clubhouse, which allows you to jump between subjects and speakers based on your interests whenever you want.

    Clubhouse では、常にたくさんの会話が行われているので、いつでも自分の興味のあるテーマやスピーカー(話し手) のルームに参加することができます。

  • Want to learn more about how to use clubhouse?

    Clubhouse の使い方についてもっと詳しく知りたいですか?

  • Check out our other video in the description below.


[What is Clubhouse?]

[ Clubhouse (クラブハウス)って何? ]


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