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Sometimes you just want to say thank you.
So, we turned ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines.
Hello there!
-Hi! -Hi!
I'm here to thank you.
You're welcome.
Hi, Christine.
Bonjour Cavienne.
- Hi, Michael. - Hi.
I'm ATM.
You know what ATM stands for?
Automated teller machine?
That is correct, normally, but today you're wrong.
I'm an automated thanking machine.
Hey, look at that buddy!
That's for you. That's on TD Canada Trust.
Thank you!
Oh? Selfie. Get my good side.
- There's a slot that's opening. - Oh my goodness.
Never in all my life had such a beautiful surprise.
Yeah, you've been helping your daughter out, is that correct?
We've got something for you Christine.
Something is about to come out there.
Those are two piggy banks.
Those are for your kids.
Well, we've got a little something for you.
'Cause you're a famous customer.
We know you love the Jays so much.
Look at the other side of me, there's another slot.
It's gonna open up.
On the left side, yeah.
That's awesome!
She's my only daughter.
She has cancer and she had... an operation on Tuesday.
We want to thank you in a very specialized way.
There's actually a card coming out for you right there.
And if you look inside each piggy bank, there's a check for $1000 dollars to start an RESP for each of your kids.
-But thanking's not done, Christine. - What?
Here's the thing.
If you tell your kids," Hey, here's an RESP." They'll be all "Nahh......"
But if you tell them you're taking them to a place like Disney...
Yes. You're taking your kids to a magical place in California, Christine.
I've never been able to take my kids to anywhere.
It's wonderful that you've been with us for so long.
We've got...we've got somebody who might want to talk to you for a second about that.
During this time, we have come to know how giving, loving and supportive you are, especially to your daughter in Trinidad.
She's a lucky women to be able to call you Mom.
I just threw you a ball, but some day you'll be throwing me a ball.
You'll be throwing out the first pitch.
That is awesome, that is awesome. I got goose bumps right now.
Actually, Dorthy, could you...could you lean in for a second?
Cause I have a secret to tell you.
Just lean in very close.
We want you to thank her yourself so we've got something coming out the slot right now.
Something right there for you.
And those are tickets...those are tickets to Trinidad.
- Are you serious? - I am serious. You're going to go see your daughter in Trinidad.
Thank you.
No, thank you, Dorthy.
A thank you can change someone's day.



ATMが喋りだす~ただありがとうと言いたい時がある ~(Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou)

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